Evasions And Distractions Contain The Most Superficial Layer Of Social Armor

We know from the treatment of individual patients that people go to enormous lengths to not face the problems that first bring them into therapy.  The same situation exists in our treatment of society’s social problems. The contents of newspapers are full of articles that are considered “newsworthy” as covering important social and political issues.  But from a functional perspective these articles actually are  evasions and distractions.  Analysis of the problems contained in them whether they are economic, social , political or whatever come down to the same source: they are the result of the  emotionally based sickness of the human race.  In fact, the more people seem to be addressing the so-called key issues as, for example, when scientists look for the secrets of life in the genetic code, the more they are actually running away from this central problem.

Why is this so? It is emotionally too painful for individuals both singly and collectively to look and feel what is going on within themselves and so they  focus exclusively on and blame the external manifestations.  This is why whenever there is a massacre such as a school shooting people are up in arms for gun control.  But it’s not guns that kill people.  Murderous impulses in people are responsible for killing people.  Until people are first capable of looking inwardly at what is happening within themselves they are not emotionally healthy enough to be in a position to really understand anything constructive about the world they are living in.  They are unable to recognize that the same murderous impulses that resulted in the massacre are there hidden in everyone.  Looking inwardly (introspectively) indicates a certain capacity to be in contact with what all people have in common, their own personal armored structures.  Therefore, a deep appreciation of the universality and function of armor in people is a prerequisite for any constructive understanding of what is going on in the world.

The therapy of individuals consists in starting on the bio-physical surface before attempting to proceed to deeper layers of their armored structure.  The same principle holds true for the therapy of social groups.  The social orgonomist starts his intervention at the social surface by  addressing people’s resistances which are expressed in their evasiveness and distractibility.  Until this defensive layer of ocular armor is successfully eliminated and people are able to feel the emotions that they they defending against there can be no progress expected in getting at the deeper impulses contained in the social armor.

This formulation is given as a preliminary attempt to begin addressing some of the social problems that society is faced with.


  1. With this societal issues besetting many countries, I do not think the apocalypse is something we haven’t seen coming. We did see the apocalypse coming, though. I agree with your testimony that it is not the guns that kills people, but our murderous impulses; however, I think it is also the environment they are in that do. The people they are surrounded with. The ambiance they dwell in. The legalization of guns. The uninhibited utilization of pistols in the States. Lack of gun reforms.And, peer pressure. What do you think, Sir Charles

  2. Amen!

  3. The red fascist take-over of America:

    Over a half-century ago, Senator Joe McCarthy was vilified by trying to warn Americans that our government was being infiltrated by Communists. Much like today, his warnings went unheeded, and the infiltration of the Communist element into America thrived. History books have not only been unkind, but incorrect, as we are bearing witness today to the very threat of which he warned. In fact, documents and testimony related to his findings were found to have been inexplicably removed from the national archives. Not in the 1950s, but as late as the 1990s. The timing of such removal is no accident.

    Replace the word “McCarthy” for “Reich”!


    • Vilifying McCarthy was the method used by communist (red fascist) characters to successfully portray themselves as true liberal characters. From this confusion resulted the development of the pseudo-liberal/communist character as part of the mainstream of American politics that we are seeing today. This political legitimization process of pseudo-liberal/communist characters such as President Obama and the rest of his ideological cohorts, a clear-cut manifestation of the emotional plague, began over 50 years ago during the McCarthy era by card carrying communists.

  4. A recent article about McCarthy http://dev.d-intl.com/en/articles/international/2013-01-24/joe-mccarthy-was-right-all-along. McCarthy was right as Reich…

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