Another School Shooting, Another Political Dialogue

Another school shooting brings to the social surface yet another political attempt to evade the existence of the all pervasive destructive secondary layer  (the realm of the Devil) that exists in all armored people. Human evil can erupt and cause social havoc in any and every person under the right circumstances.  In the latest incident, the Left blames the problem of violence on the existence of guns.  The Right claims that this is not so but does not offer any effective alternative explanation.  The function of the Left’s viewpoint is that it soothes their guilt-ridden conscience into believing that they are actually doing something about the problem of human violence.  The Right has no emotional need to resort to such a viewpoint but still refuses to recognize the biophysical reality of human evil that is rooted in every armored person.

The evasion will continue until people begin thinking functionally. This entails realizing the existence of the three fundamental biophysical layers of the armored human structure, the superficial layer, the destructive secondary layer and the biological core.  Hunan evil, the realm of the Devil,  is endemic in all armored  people. Unfortunately, it is only when a massacre of such a magnitude as this one occurs that people get disturbed by it for a brief time. During  other times they ignore it’s existence.

People will also have to understand that evil originates from the fact that they are armored and that the only real way to eliminate evil is to prevent armoring of children and adolescents. People’s evasion of the existence of evil is a defense.  It’s people’s evasion of the existence and origin of evil on all social levels and degrees from the man on the street to political leaders in public office that is the most immediate problem that must first be faced before future massacres like this can be avoided. The existence of human evil and  the emotional sickness resulting from human armor are long standing problems. They cannot be solved overnight.


  1. It is noteworthy that many of the recent mass murders are suicides that in addition, projected its internal destruction onto innocent civilians. It is another sad example of the consequences of the anti-authoritarian social order, where secondary impulses are groomed and tolerated-even as one commits self-destruction. Like the jihadist suicide bomber, both are manifestations of the emotional plague, where one’s self hatred is the driving force. In previous decades, a person carrying out a suicide would quietly go about it; it was generally accepted that suicide was morally wrong and reprehensible and was done in secrecy. Today the overriding social message is to look outside oneself and blame others– even as the last act of a despondent life. Unfortunately this is not seen as evil by everyone due to their ocular armor, and according to the pseudo-liberal, unhappy people have a legitimate political or social reason to kill. Currently, hundreds of investigators with a large budget are searching for a rational reason for the Connecticut rampage. The perpetrator’s unhappy childhood, his bullying and awkwardness, etc. are the usual desperate attempts to explain the evil that at times shows itself in a respectable society. Because society lives primarily in its superficial layer, the public needs a superficial answer. As was stated by you, without the knowledge of the destructive effects of bio-physical armoring, very little practical social improvement will occur.

    Some other causative factors should also be addressed which happen to be promulgated by the liberals, such as gun control and the violence in video games. From a rational perspective, there are truths in both pleas of social control, since the Connecticut killer was a compulsive and avid user of violent games, and he was able to gain easy access to highly destructive weapons. His viewing of video games only furthered his disassociation from reality and allowed the lines to be crossed from fantasy to reality. These sadistic and perverse games only over-excite the organism, and in some unstable viewers can trigger psychotic acting out. There aren’t any legitimate social functions for these videos, but are mostly in the service of the secondary layer (and some of the first). Violence in the media has been debated for many decades without any concrete resolution to the antithesis of free-speech and public safety, it is as if society is confused and stuck. Regarding assault rifles, fragmented bullets and bullet-proof vests, these do not share the vision of the 2nd Amendment, but the Right refuses to clarify the need for protection versus the desire to destroy. It is a black or white issue for them, and unless they learn to rationally compromise, they aren’t addressing evil in society. Reich, in his last years, made a plea for laws necessary for the protection of newborns and Life, noting how the emotional plague runs rampant without any cooperative defense against it. He knew that passing legislation to push for health was impossible, but felt that the proper use of social control for society’s protection was paramount.

  2. Reich, in his last years, owned several guns, frequently wore a holstered pistol while working in his lab, and instructed his employees to be armed in case of an illegal attempt by the FDA to gain entry to Orgonon. So there is no doubt where Reich stood on the issue of the right of individuals to be armed, including their right to defend themselves against the police.

    His will contains a specific bequest of his guns to his son, Peter, so it would seem Reich wanted his son to be able to own guns and expected him to have a possible use for them.

    The issue of the right to own the most powerful weapons is not distinct from the basic right to own any sort of firearm. The public, in a democracy, should be able to obtain any weapon available to the officers of the state, since the public, in the last analysis, is the final authority from which the state derives it’s power. If the police are allowed to own assault rifles or other weapons more effecive than those the public is permited to own, the public no longer has the power to restrain the police and becomes dependent upon the mercy and goodwill of the police for any rights, which are only granted at their discretion.

    • You have gotten to the heart of the Second Amendment.

    • Look at the freaky counter argument:

      The “Democratic” Party has become a CPUSA!

      • If the Jews in Germany in the 1930s had been armed, the Nazis would have picked on somebody else.

        And if the Blacks in the American South before the American Civil War had been armed, they would not have been slaves. If the attempt by John Brown to seize the government arsenal at Harper’s Ferry and pass out guns to the slaves had succeeded, slavery would have ended sooner and with a lot less bloodshed than was required by an invasion of Federal troops.

        “Who shall guard the guardians?”

        Statistics show the police in America have a higher than average rate of steroid use, a factor known to increase agressiveness and cloud judgement, a higher-than-average rate of domestic violence complaints made against them, and more people are shot by the police in America than in any other developed country.

        It makes more statistical sense to trust the average citizen with the power to use deadly force than to trust that power to the police, who are selected for physical agressiveness, trained by a paranoid police-station culture to see everyone as a threat, and feel legally empowered to do whatever they please without much fear of prosecution. In the end, whatever the laws may say, and whatever the political system may happen to be, the weapon in the hands of a human who happens to have gone into police work as a career is not in the hands of a political organization, ideology, or state. It is in the hands of one man who is, according to statistics, more likely to be unworthy of trusting one’s life to than the average person on the street.

      • Most poeple forget that Charlton Heston marched with Dr. King and considered the NRA a civil rights movement.

  3. Two thoughtful and well written comments – greatly appreciated

    Along with all of the personal benefits that evolve from acquiring orgonomic knowledge with some degree of clarity and truthfulness comes the difficult problem of making practical use of it in the social realm. I don’t necessarily mean with other individuals in the social realm but rather with the guiding principles that govern the social realm (i.e how humans “choose” to live together in large numbers through their written and unwritten social agreements).

    This is a topic of great interest to me as I struggle to develop some useful ideas from my general sense that there is something vitally missing from all the great words that have been written since Reich’s death in an honorable attempt to “bridge the gap”.

    As I look back on the last 100 years, it is apparent that armored human civilization responds better to the destruction brought about by emotional plague activity than to the health that follows from its “temporary” defeat.

    During 2012 we witnessed the continuation of American societal transformation (i.e. socially acceptable emotional plague activity in political arena) along with unchecked pseudo-liberal indoctrination in every area of society,

    The best one can do from a rational standpoint, for the time being, is document the destruction and estimate and evaluate the amount of damage.

    I hope that 2013 brings a practical strategy to get the voices of health and rationality united in some meaningful way.

    Dr Konia
    Thanks for all the work, effort and insight

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