The Limits Of Political Conservatism

There are two reasons that conservatives are not politically effective in containing the Left’s destructive onslaught on our society.  The first involves the character armor of conservative individuals themselves and the second is related to the social armor of today’s anti-authoritarian society:

1) As a whole, individuals who are politically conservative are characterologically overly decent and civilized.  For the most part, they are unable to recognize and address the evil intent behind the agenda of leftist political radicals to destroy America.  They mistakenly give the ideologues the benefit of the doubt believing that they are genuinely interested in political compromises and constructive solutions to social and economic problems.

2) Anti-authoritarianism is based on the hatred of traditional authority which in today’s world is identified with the political right.  In today’s antiauthoritarian society all villainous people ( the “bad guys”) are believed to belong on the political right.  The politically correct indoctrinated public has a bias against seeing political villains on the left and, in general, views people who are believed to be on the political right , including conservatives, with suspicion verging on blind hatred.  This mind-set of the mainstream political left is a manifestation of socially induced ocular armor.  It is also the reason for the widely held belief that leftist politicians are the “good guys” who can never do anything wrong.

Conservatives, on the other hand believe that the solution to social problems is somehow to restore the past authoritarian social order.  However, this hope is not possible because of the breakdown of the authoritarian form of individual armor and the corresponding authoritarian morality that is based on it.  The genie is out of the bottle.

These ocular related problems of the public, a manifestation of  their contactlessness are directly responsible for the continual destabilization and disintegration of our anti-authoritarian social order.  Before social conditions are to improve, people must first be made aware that they live in a contactless state regarding social problems and how this state prevents them from recognizing the emotional plague in the solutions offered by radicals.  These tasks cannot be accomplished through political means.  They are bio-social problems that have their roots in the armor of humanity and therefore must be treated medically.


  1. Dr Konia

    I have two questions:

    1) When you write “the genie is out of the bottle” does that mean that you think that there are only two possible outcomes as a result of the entrenchment of anti-authoritarianism:
    a) American society comes to recognize ad accept that bio-emotional problems are at the root of our social problems and conditions slowly improve
    b) that the degradation continues until we reach the point where fascist ruler comes along to get things “back under control”

    2) When you write “These tasks cannot be accomplished through political means. They are bio-social problems…and therefore must be treated medically”.
    While I realize that medical treatment is essential in the treatment of the individual, I am not sure how you propose to treat the indoctrinated masses medically as opposed to through the education process.

    Your previous posting on the topics of the biological work function, the free market, the determining factors that effect the health and sickness of the American economy etc. was one that I think can be used as a foundation to bridge the wide gap between your much needed expertise in the bio-social pathology and precarious position of the extremely vulnerable and unknowing American population.

    All of the points you touched upon relate to much of what is on the minds of many Americans today (i.e. work and economic worries).

    For the last few years I have thought that the topic of the biological work function would be the best way of introducing the general public to orgonomy.

    • Yes. These are the only two possibilities as I see it.
      The clarification of the biological work function would be an avenue to reach the public. More will be said about what can be done as our work develops. We are now in the planning stages.

  2. Conservatives have no clou that they are dealing with vile criminals Chicago style:

  3. A kind of “character analysis” of the criminal in chief:

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