The State Of America’s Economic Health

An indication of America’s economic health is seen in it’s ability to function as a free, self-regulated market. However, in our increasingly armored society a free market economy can only be an ideal. What must be generally understood and accepted is that America’s economic health ultimately depends on the American people’s state of emotional health. The biological capacity for independent and responsible work functioning of the American people is the essential element of emotional health required for a healthy economy. That being said, the degree of America’s economic health versus it’s sickness depends on the following factors:

1) The degree to which emotionally helpless people who are nevertheless able-bodied become dependent on the Federal Government for their survival.

2) The degree to which the Federal Government encourages the public to be dependent on it and dictates them to be controlled (“regulated”) by it.

3) The degree to which the free market becomes disrupted and paralyzed by armored people’s criminal and quasi-criminal activity in the marketplace.

These symptoms of  the American people’s emotional illness directly result in the pathological manifestations of today’s economy.  The capacity of people to tolerate having a genuinely healthy free market economy depends entirely on the capacity of individuals to tolerate being emotionally healthy and responsibly free.  We are farther than ever from attaining this economic state.  The public’s increasing  emotional sickness makes greater control of the marketplace by the Federal Government necessary.

Before any real improvement can occur in economic conditions, the emotional sickness of people that interfere with a free market  economy must first be recognized and addressed outside the political arena.  This is not a political matter and the political battles between the Left and the Right have nothing to do with the underlying emotionally based economic problems.  They only function to conceal them and make things worse. That is, they are a manifestation of the emotional plague.

Articles on functional economics can be found in recent issues of the Journal of Orgonomy.


  1. Thank you, Dr. Konia! Another mini-lecture that I enjoyed reading aloud! MikeB

  2. Dear Dr. Konia,

    I guess most informed conservatives these days would identify with the following kind of “political spectrum”:

    The Baker/Konia “socio-political spectrum” must look “uninformed” to them. Can you clarify this in a few words, maybe in a separate blog entry? I believe this difference in perspective is a major stumbling block for many people coming across your blog.



    • Dear Peter,

      The problem that many people have with socio-political characterology is that in contrast to other descriptive attempts to classify individuals politically it provides a bio-medical basis for differences in people’s pattern of armor which is the origin differences in political thinking. The armor in those on the left is primarily in their brain while armor in those on the right is in their musculature.
      Reich’s discovery of the emotional plague and Baker’s discovery of socio-political character types forces one to view social phenomena from a deeper biological perspective and most people are not capable of doing that. Social orgonomy is a true social science. People have to get used to that. I hope this helps.
      Best wishes,
      Dr. Konia

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