The System Of Checks And Balances In American Government Has Failed

One of the safeguards against tyranny instituted by the Founding Fathers was a system of checks and balances of power by separating the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government.  However, this system could only work as long as people had the capacity for rational thinking and the authoritarian social order, where authority resided in individuals and on local social levels, was intact.  The authoritarian social order in America was the foundation that made it possible for a division of power to exist.

With the anti-authoritarian transformation of society, there was a shift in the political mainstream to the left of center with an enormous concentration of power transferred to the Federal Government.  The power of individuals to rationally think for themselves has been largely replaced by the collective ideology of the political left in a majority of those in the three branches of the Federal Government.   The only remaining life-positive force to oppose this destructive ideology resides in the voting power of the American people in the 2012 elections.


  1. Alan West has had the vision and courage to point that there are in the range of 70 communists (i.e. pseudo-liberals or if you prefer the term that the pseudo-liberal movement invented to hide behind “progressives”) in the house of reps and the senate.

    It is vital that not only Obama be defeated but that as many of these characters be ousted from government.

    This is but the first rational step in the long process of extricating the general public and American institutions from the grasp of the pseudo-liberal movement .

    Even if the pseudo-liberals are defeated in November, it will be important to see if the actions of the voting public can be carried forth by enough clear sighted people to continue the job of exposing, documenting and containing the pseudo-liberal movement.

    You can’t reverse over a half century of infection quickly, Patience and determination are pre-requisites for the long fight.

    • You have outlined the rational management of any emotional plague attack on the part of government officials which is:
      1) Recognition of the plague’s destructiveness by sufficient number of people.
      2) Sequestration of the carriers by voting them out of public office.

      • In this case, the sequestration (i.e the voting out of office) is but the first part of the sequestration process.

        The health expressed in the election results needs to be put in its logical perspective so that the joy of winning a key strategic battle does not overwhelm and sidetrack the public from the long term objectives.

        I wonder if this is possible without the guidance that can be provided by someone well versed in biosocial dysfunction.

        If someone with a healthy character structure and the credentials was to step forward and fill this urgent societal need, we could be onto something big.

        Any volunteers?

        This would represent a specific practical and tangible actualization of the rational hope expressed by Reich in his “bridging the gap” sculpture.

        The last four years, from a political point of view, have been the “gift” that keeps on giving.

        By “gift” I mean the real opportunity for Americans to see and understand what is meant by the following:
        The pseudo-liberal movement, its main characters, their agenda and long term goals.

        In the 20th Century humanity got to see how fascism on the political right could occur so rapidly in a western democratic society.

        Over the last 4 years, large numbers of people have had a chance to witness, first hand, how fascism on the political left operates in the U.S..

        I hope enough decent and informed people get on board for the long ride.

      • I share your hope.

  2. This is about the Communist takeover of America by a „new kind of war“ as described decades ago:

    The Communist takeover in Europe is by way of the EUSSR, a centralized Orwellian Bureaucracy which knows no checks and balances, at all. Its led by former Stalinists and Maoists If you dare to oppose the formation of that Communist nightmare you are branded as a “nationalist,” i.e., a “Nazi,” no less.

  3. So your argument is that individuals largely don’t think for themselves and have been indoctrinated by the pseudo-liberals which would imply they are a life negative force but it is a life positive force that the same individuals who are life negative will vote in the upcoming election?

    I’m curious Dr. Konia. How are the checks and balances at work with your ACO? Surely, in order for you to criticize democratic organizations your own organization should be a model of checks and balances…

    Do you teach Adler, Jung, Rank, Klein, Horney, Hartmann and then into Lacan, Chasseguet-Smirgel, McDougall, Segal, and schools outside of psychoanalysis so that you can check Reich’s theory instead of dogmatically asserting it?

    Do you engage with the reason of your students and by rational argument, and not just by indoctrination through personal therapy transference, ask them to balance different subjective stances from the therapy room so that their objectivity concerning different types of people (which can logically only be a subjectivity from different viewpoints added up) is maximized?

    Does the ACO invite other luminaries from different schools to enter into rational debates or publish a lot in the journals of others to invite a criticism that will help to refine theoretical positions?

    This is your blog and I understand if you want to use it, as one commenter implies, to balance the biased liberal media. However, I’m curious about your organization. Please share.

    • Like that leftist scoundrel Habermas you want an “open discourse.” Sounds good but we all know that this “discourse” is not open, at all, but has a fixed goal: “progress and democracy.” Code for the Procrustean bed of political correctness.

      You write:

      So your argument is that individuals largely don’t think for themselves and have been indoctrinated by the pseudo-liberals which would imply they are a life negative force but it is a life positive force that the same individuals who are life negative will vote in the upcoming election?

      This shows you are not interested in what Dr. Konia writes but only in that fake “discourse” which is nothing more than an intellectual game. This game consists of ignoring the meaning (the functional level) of what the interlocutor said. Everything is brought to the level of pure mental gymnastics. A realm were, e.g., homosexuals can “marry” each other, or were bioenergetic mechanisms are explained “psychologically,” as done in different forms by Jung, Horney, Lacan, etc.

      For example about Horney Reich said in Reich Speaks of Freud:

      When I came to the United States, I visited Horney. She asked me about my work and I told her. Three or four years later, a book by her appeared. (…) it said she had a new theory: People are moving towards people, away from people, and against people.

      From an orgonomic point of view it is quite meaningless to engage in a “dialogue” with such superficial theories.

  4. The Stalinite Obama Administration is evil and criminal and simply vile beyond imagination. The following report is disturbing on so many levels and in so many aspects:

  5. Here is described how lineralism destroyed the medical system in America – with antisocial consequences: “medicine will morph from a profession advocating for patients into a trade association advocating for physicians” – all in the name of social progress! This is how democracy and work democracy is destroyed systematically!

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