The Emotional Plague Prospers On Socialism

Before Congress and the American voting public start mindlessly enacting and supporting socialistic legislation as a solution to social problems they must first be mindful of its dangerous consequences.  These have to do with the existence and the operation of the emotional plague of mankind. Why is this so?  Because the plague operates by being attracted to and concentrated around centers of power.  Socialism operates by transferring and concentrating money and power from individuals and local centers of power to the State. The greater the power concentrated in the State the greater will it be in the hands of emotional plague individuals masquerading as well-intentioned progressives telling the public what they are free to do and not do.  People’s blindness to the plague is the reason that there can be no real solution to social problems and why social conditions will continue to worsen until people come to grips with the emotional plague of mankind.


  1. I am sure you know that I agree with your comment about people’s blindness to the plague but I am not sure what your ideas are on the way to “bridge the gap” that exists between the knowledge available in your book and the public at large.

    In a previous comment I referred to the teaching of karate as a potential model in the hopes of creating an educational program in social orgonomy that could possibly serve as the “bridge”.

    I see something like a multi-level course structure starting with an explanation of key words like freedom, responsibility and authority. These words are known by most but their functional meaning is not. Once the basics are laid down then each level takes the “student” deeper and eventually to the concept of very emotionally charged terms like the emotional plague. Because of the nature of the subject matter, I think it makes sense that the presentation of social orgonomy to the public should proceed in some ways like medical orgone therapy for the individual.

    It has been around 60 years since Reich created his sculpture entitled “bridging the gap”. The few serious and dedicated people like you who have devoted themselves to science of orgonomy have done exemplary work in keeping the science alive and well while building on the solid foundation that Reich and Baker established.

    In spite of this great effort, public knowledge of emotional plague is almost completely non-existent and as “untouchable” as when you mentioned this subject to your colleagues as a possible topic to be discussed on the radio and the room went silent many years ago.

    Do you agree with my suggestion that many significant people could be drawn to social orgonomy and the concept of the emotional plague and thus become valuable assets in the fight to contain and disable emotional plague activity, especially in politics, if the material was presented in a more “digestible” fashion?

    • Absolutely. Systematic public education is the key as a long term process. A course given by the social orgonomy training program of the American College of Orgonomy can be used to implement it. My soon to be published book, Neither Left nor Right, The Emotional Plague and books by Reich and BAKER can be used as well. The first step is to have people with sufficient interest and the necessary characterological qualifications to apply.

  2. The following video applies both to Dr. Konia’s blog entry (cf. Reich’s analysis of the swastika and the power of pestilent [national] socialist iconography: America turning into a Nazi state) and to Steven Diab’s question what to do for social orgonomy: as Dr. Crist pointed out recently in his letter the social façade has a functional meaning – and the social façade of orgonomy wasn’t that inspiring, yet. Orgonomy has to become more “visually,” informed by orgonometry. There is a vast potential for that.

    • Do you have any ideas?

    • First, I wondered why the ACO got rid of its original logo derived from the logo of the MEDICAL ORGONOMY journal of the 1950s. Yes, it looked somewhat old-fashioned, and, for the uninformed, perhaps cult-like but it was catchy and intriguing. The new logo, which is hardly used anyway, looks like nothing. It could be the logo of really any corporate entity, i.e., its meaningless. Seen from the distant the ACO lost its “corporate identity,” i.e., it disappeared. It’s like Frank Zappa would have shaved his beard.

      Second, this blog would be improved by some illustration. For example, “secondary layer” is such a simple concept but hard to describe, i.e., prone to misunderstandings when explained in words.

      Thirdly, what has, to my knowledge, never been done but what is so obvious: words with their tedious sequence can hardly explain the unfolding of functions, much better are depictions and equations as in Reich’s books, but these are still static, a step further would be cartoon-like short animated movies. They are (A) much more accessible and exciting and, thus, have a much greater appeal to the general public, and they are (B) much more accurate from an orgonomic point of view because they depict the changeability, motility, and natural development of functions much better than static book illustrations. And with some luck such a production could become a hit on youtube.

  3. To realize how insincere, extremely ridiculous and, yes, grotesque it is to criticize Dr. Konia upon his alleged “unbalanced” socio-political analysis, implying that orgonomy somehow is chumming up to the powers that be, one only has to look at the left-wing media controlled and financed by big industry. Here only one small but telling example:

    Study: Media Coverage of Romney’s International Trip 86% Negative: Now that Mitt Romney’s trip abroad has wound down, an assessment of its coverage can be made, and the final word is negativity. The Old Media was mostly negative about Romney’s trip. This is quite a contrast to the glowing coverage it gave to Obama’s pre-election trip abroad in 2008.

    It’s a mystery how liberals and pseudo-intellectual “Marxists,” this collectivist and merciless wolfpack, manage so successfully to present themselves as a harassed and misunderstood minority whose views are hopelessly marginalized.

    • To those who criticize that my views are “unbalanced”, I suggest that they seriously read Suicide of the West by James Burnham.

      • Your views accurately point out what is actually happening and the dire consequences.

        What is “unbalanced” is the lack of rational public reaction to the pseudo-liberal movement.

        Fortunately there does seem to be a growing number of people who are being drawn to the eventual confrontation with the pseudo-liberal movement but I wonder if they will be sufficiently equipped and organized to endure and succeed. I have no doubt that they could use the guidance of a well trained and experienced social orgonomist.

        An example that there is movement towards some of the ideas that you express in your book and on this site, I saw a social psychologist named Jonathan Haidt on the Tom Sullivan show promoting his new book “The Righteous Mind” which deals with, among other related topics, the moral roots of liberals and conservatives.

  4. Tucker: The Man and His Dream (1988). A movie on Big Government, Big Industry, and the Emotional Plague:

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