The Consequences Of The Socio-political Redshift On People’s Thinking

The socio-political redshift is the deviation to the far left of center in the current mainstream of socio-political thought.  It was brought about because of the anti-authoritarian transformation of American society which began around 1960 and it was responsible for the political polarization between the left and the right and the generalized cultural degradation in society.

It is first necessary to recognize the existence of the socio-political red shift before any sense can be made of a politician’s true identity and mode of operation.  Because of this redshift to the left of center, any moderate politician that is not part and parcel of  the mainstream of  political thinking is automatically identified  as a product of the political far right while anyone belonging on the political left, no matter how far to the left he belongs, is considered to be a political moderate.  This is why Barack Obama who belongs to the extreme left of center is considered by many  Americans to be a moderate liberal when, in fact, he actually functions as a pseudo-liberal/communist character. This segment of the population is totally taken in by his pseudo-liberal facade.

Part of the problem is that people think only in terms of what political party a politician belongs to and not in terms of their socio-political character structure that determines their political ideas.  The Democratic Party in America was successfully infiltrated and taken over by hard core communist characters during the 1960s at the time that the socio-political red shift was happening. This major event in the history of American politics was the essence of the redshift, an event that went almost completely unnoticed by everyone including, in particular, the younger generation living today, most of whom grew up after the anti-authoritarian transformation and therefore are not aware that a major political shift to the left of center has really happened.  For them, the current socio-political mainstream is actually believed to be the true political center.  This generation of confused idealistic young people are highly susceptible to the plague’s infectiveness. They are in danger of being easily swept up by the political rhetoric of the ” mainstream” extreme left. The public’s high level of support for government sponsored health care, Obamacare, is one example of  people’s dependency on the state for their care and a symptom of the political redshift.


  1. Dr. Konia

    Would you say that the cultural Marxist attack on American society beginning post WWI was the most significant social factor of the anti-authoritarian transformation in the U.S. in the 1960’s or would other factors have inevitably led to this situation?

    • It’s hard to pick a single factor as the primary one responsible for the antiauthoritarian transformation. If I had to pick one I would say that it was the result of the failed “sexual revolution” that was an overpowering force behind the antiauthoritarian, “freedom now,” movement of the 1960s.

    • Dr. Konia, does this formulation make sense?

      “The sexual process of a society has always been the central point of the cultural process” (The Sexual Revolution, 1962, pp.155-156). Two world wars in a row, industrialization, urbanization, mass media, etc. created a sex-affirmative atmosphere but led to utter chaos because of the sex-negative structure of the individuals. The divergence, or “cleavage,” Reich discussed in The Mass Psychology of Fascism. One might argue that, thus, the “material, economic process” is the prime mover but this process is at its core nothing but the work power, “work energy,” i.e., the character structure of the masses, which is formed within the family. Accordingly, as pointed out, the authoritarian society creates the anti-authoritarian society when the “work energy” produces a certain level of economic affluence (over-expansion). Society will turn back to authoritarianism when the economy collapses due to the anti-authoritarian collapse of the work function.

      • I think that the anti-authoritarian collapse of the sexual and work functions will result in a new form of authoritarianism, state authoritarianism which is socialism. Obama is in the forefront in bringing this about.

  2. The movie any American (and we others ;.) ) should see!!! It’s about the orchestration of the red shift by the Moscow masters of Obama:

  3. Peter, Thank you

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