A Cardinal Sign Of An Emotional Plague Character

An important characteristic of  individuals who are afflicted with the emotional plague  is that they are incapable of doing an honest days work.  Although they are unable to work productively, however,  they are highly skilled in ordering others about what they should do.  As a substitute for work,  emotional plague individuals frequently become politicians shoving their political agendas  down other people’s throats.  The substitute activities of these ne’er-do-wells are, in fact, nothing but poorly recognized signs of the emotional plague.

In his recent book, Barack Obama: The Story, author David Maraniss provides a clear picture of such an individual’s work function.  Obama hated his first job working at Business International  after graduating from Colombia University.  He called it ” working for the enemy” because some of the work he did for the company had to do with business  investments in Third World countries.  At Business International he felt uncomfortable: ” Like a spy behind enemy lines, I arrived every day at my mid-Manhatten office.”  He lasted only a year before quitting.  He then became an adept practitioner of political radical, Saul Alinsky’s methods. Obama became a community activist  organizing residents on the Chicago South Side.  According to his wife, Michelle Obama, ” Barack is not a politician first and foremost. He’s a community activist…”  Obama took her assessment as a compliment.  Subsequently, Obama attended Harvard law school, briefly practiced public interest law, taught a college class and finally got into politics where he found his calling.

To a biographer or a historian who has no understanding of the emotional plague, the work history of Mr. Obama is of no particular significance.  To someone who recognizes the importance of the biological work function in determining the quality of human life, however, it speaks volumes: Simply put, it shows that Mr. Obama is biophysically incapable of doing any kind of rational, productive work from his biological core. (Operating as a community organizer is neither rational nor productive. It is activity that originates from the secondary destructive layer of  a totally work-crippled individual and another sign of the emotional plague.)

No surprise then that, by any standard of measurement, Obama’s work performance as President of the United States has been an abysmal failure and that, if elected to a second term of office, it cannot be otherwise.  Whether this country can survive another four years of destructiveness and ineptness at the executive level remains to be seen.


  1. Barack is a community activist (according his wife) or simply a (red) fascist http://www.thenewamerican.com/opinion/thomas-sowell/item/11704-barack-obama-socialist-or-fascist. His latest decision to give backdoor amnesty to young illegal immigrants ignoring the rule of law is a typical sign of his fascist quality http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2012/jun/21/obamas-socialist-designs/ …aiming absolutely at a second term in office as President.

    • I do not see any difference between the community activist and the red fascist. With the rapid shift to the left of the political mainstream the distinctions between individuals on the left are quickly disappearing. They are all blending into one.

  2. Unfortunately the same kind of pseudo-liberal but more dangerous demagogue (unable to do a simple productive work) and radical leftist we have also in my poor country http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jr_EIr3YXJI. Maybe the next PM…

  3. Emotional plague characters and activities usually have an unfair advantage in a world unfamiliar with the biological basis of human emotions and the effects of chronic armor.

    In this case, even Obama’s incompetence serves his unstated goals well (i.e destroying the freedoms that Americans have under their constitution or stated in the language of political correctness “basically transforming America”).

    I fear that 4 more years of Obama will both emotionally and financially bankrupt the country.

    I hope I am wrong and that we all don’t have to find out the hard way.

  4. I don’t understand why you are singing the praises of hard-working conservatives when it is precisely these types that ignore the work of Reich in your own field. The narrow specialists who break humans up into parts, who want to make genes responsible for everything, and find a pill to cure every problem are the ones who scoff at the idea of Reich’s work. In my experience these mechanists are rarely liberal and often have personal relationships with people at the drug companies.

    And please, what modern politician is more that an actor who wants to be loved. Are you suggesting Romney is somehow more principled than Obama?

    You said in your reply to my last reply that we have to go back to get into contact with some core functioning and that it’s neither left or right. Why do you want to conserve all the narrow specialism in the sciences and humanities? Why do you want to return to an earlier morality that went hand in hand with racism and sexual repression? Why not aim to make a new future?

    • You still are not getting it. I am not singing the praises of conservatives or anyone else. Before you can construct a better future you first have to stop the destruction that is tearing America apart. You do not have any idea of the forces of the emotional plague that are actively ay work right now destroying this country and the entire Western world and, unfortunately, I cannot make you aware of that. Without recognizing the current operation of the plague in today’s world from a strictly medical point of view there is no possibility for a better future.

      • America should be torn apart. Life doesn’t develop gradually it develops in leaps. All of this decadence and narrow specialism will bring about it’s opposite. I am a clinician but I was well aware of the plague before then. You know that Reich praises schizoid thinkers such as Nietzsche for their insights into human nature. Nietzsche wasn’t a clinician but he could still see:

        “The need to show that as the consumption of man and mankind becomes more economical and the ‘machinery’ of interests and services is integrated ever more intricately, a counter-movement is inevitable… it aims to bring to light a stronger species, a higher type that arises and preserves itself under different conditions from those of the average man. My concept, my metaphor for this type is, as one knows, the word ‘overman’ WTP,1887-8

        “Facing a world of ‘modern ideas’ that would banish everybody into a corner and ‘specialty,’ a philosopher- if today there could be philosophers- would be compelled to find the greatness of man, the concept of ‘greatness,’ precisely in his range and multiplicity, in his wholeness in manifoldness. He would even determine value and rank in accordance with how much and how many things one could bear and take upon himself, how far one could extend his responsibility.” BG&E- 212

        I point to something new: certainly for such a democratic type there exists the danger of the barbarian, but one has looked for it only in the depths. There exists also another type of barbarian, who comes from the heights: a species of conquering and ruling natures in search of material to mold WTP-900

      • Nietzsche was a great functional thinker.

      • It’s quite intriguing how today’s antiauthoritarian society is dominated by two thinkers: Marx and Nietzsche (both the antipodes of the true proto-Reich, Max Stirner). Both are always used by modern fascists to undermine “division of labor,” i.e., “specialism” – which is just another word for “authority.” Work democratic authority is replaced by generalist “superhumans” like Mr. Obama.

  5. Dr Konia, if you care to, what tactics would you recommend Romney follow (knowing well that it will never reach his ears) in order to beat Obama in the coming election? This would be a teaching lesson in social orgonomy since the current bio-social climate will have to be taken in consideration with the truth and countertruth (i.e., where the implementation of truth is counter-indicated); in-other-words, it would be a rational approach and not some “quick-fix”.

    • Using everyday language, Romney must let it be publicly known that Obama is an emotional plague character, that be is a danger to the well being of the country that he is the leader of. I’m afraid that, like most conservatives, Romney is too decent to be able to see the full depth of Obama’s evilness.It would take an ex-communist like David Horowitz to do that.

  6. Alinsky died in 1972, thus Obama never worked with him. He did, however, study and teach the Alinsky method.

  7. TCP has a valid argument in pointing to the other side of the current presidential campaign. Romney is not just a Mormon as Bush was a Christian. Romney is completely dedicated to a plaguey cult, and was throughout his life, and had high-up functions within that cult. A cult which is in many respects a 19th century version of Scientology.

    If I were an American I would have to get drunk before voting for Romney.

    • I always enjoy tremendously listening to the testimonials of ex-cultists. Each single one describes how it feels when ocular armoring breaks away and one is free:

    • Unfortunately our choice in America is not between good and bad. It is between bad and worse.

  8. The text in quotations is an excerpt is from Dr. Konia’s book in the chapter on Functional Thinking (page 59).
    “What constitutes irrational behavior and appropriate response is best determined by evaluating an act’s effect or function. We must first ask? What are the consequences of a particular action on the core functions of individuals and of society? The social destructiveness of many actions goes unnoticed because this criterion is ignored.”

    A rational fiscal policy is crucial in order to have a fighting chance to prevent the completion of the “transformation of America”.

    Based on Obama’s documented personal history and his 3.5 year track record as president (i.e. as the quintessential pseudo-liberal), he has proven to be so fiscally irresponsible and incompetent it would be hard to imagine anyone doing a worse job. The budgets he has presented to Congress have been laughable (even to most democrats).

    If Obama can be defeated and a new congress, senate and president get the chance to seriously cut spending, the money supply that has fuelled the pseudo-liberal movement could be greatly reduced or eliminated.

    Once this occurs, there may be a chance to expose the goals of the pseudo-liberal movement and it main characters. Obama’s presidency would still be fresh on the peoples’ minds and provide important documentation.

    It is at this point that the vital role of the medical and social orgonomist could possibly come into play to provide a comprehensive understanding of the current social situation and a possible road map for future improvement.

    If you are being just a little bit realistic, it doesn’t matter if Romney is a Mormon, Jew, Protestant, agnostic or whatever, “If” he can balance a budget and greatly reduce spending, there will be a ray of rational hope for the future.

    This may be a big “If” but there is no “If” with Obama, just “FI” (fiscal irresponsibility).

  9. The pseudo-liberal movement, through its many social groups (i.e. feminists, environmentalists, socialists, communists, political activists, community organizers, labor unions, etc),* has been able to undermine and effectively change the meaning of key “core” words and concepts so that their original and contactful definitions no longer exist or are completely misunderstood.

    An example of this related to the Obamacare legislation is the concept of human rights.

    Human rights such as freedom of speech, freedom of religion, protection from unreasonable search and seizure apply to one and all.

    When the government or social activists claim that health care is a human right (i.e. everyone is entitled to it from birth like other human rights), the slippery slope of pseudo-liberal created confusion is evident.

    Health care is a commodity because it is a service that has to be provided by a person and/or corporation or institution and must be paid for by someone. Freedom of religion or freedom of speech (even if this freedom is used to lie about or distort the truth) is not a commodity and is available to all citizens at no intrinsic financial cost.**

    *Some of these groups have some rational life-positive origins like the environmentalists but have been co-opted by the pseudo-liberal movement over the course of time
    ** For a great concise video presentation that explains the difference between human rights and commodities, you can view Bill Whittle’s presentation entitled “Why don’t you mind my own business” http://declarationentertainment.com/

  10. Michael Savage is a former pot smoking lefty. He knows that Obama brings nothing but Red Fascism and that America today is on the way to become a Communist state:

    BTW: what Savage says about FDR and the anti-American regulations of his administration also applies to the FDA. Maybe this day marks the beginning of the final elimination of medical orgonomy in America.

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