The Political Right’s Way Of Promising The Impossible

From an orgonometric perspective, both sides of the socio-political spectrum, the left and the right, constitute the symptom of social armor.  The ideology of the political left is the expression of unlimited social freedom while the ideology of the political right is the expression of the defense against it.  With the anti-authoritarian transformation of society and with the shift of the political mainstream to the far left of center, the ideology of the left is the dominant destructive social force in today’s Western society.  The genie is out of the bottle and there is very little that the political right can offer by way of promises that can arrest the process of social decline.

What is needed to stop the decline is an entirely different way of looking and thinking about the way things are, a way that originates neither from the left nor the right but which takes into consideration the biological existence of human armor that gives rise to humanity’s social and political troubles.


  1. Dear Dr. Konia,

    But what is the short-term practical solution? There are hardly left any options safe of a military coup:

    • Dear Peter,The only short term solution that I see is educating people about orgonomic sociology, a scientific sociological discipline that addresses the biological determinants of human social behavior. This knowledge has the potential of helping people,for the first time in human history,to fight the havoc that the emotional plague has on our social lives.

      • Dear Dr. Konia, this reminds me of Reich, writing:

        Important social insights usually develop in the people long before they are explicitly stated or can find organizational expression. Today, in 1945, hatred of politics, based on well-known facts, has become more or less general. If, now, a group of social scientists has observed facts and formulated them well, facts which really correspond to the objective social process, then the “theory” will inevitably meet with the feeling for life on the part of the masses of people. It is as if two independent processes converged in one point, where the social process and the mass will become one with the sociological insight. This seems to be the case in all decisive social processes. It was so in the American emancipation from England in 1776 as well as in the emancipation of Russian society from the Tsarist state in 1917. The lack of correct sociological work may have catastrophic effects. In that case, objective process and mass will have matured, it is true, but they get lost again if the simple scientific concept is lacking which should unite them and carry them further. This was the case in Germany in 1918 when, though imperialism was overthrown, no true democracy developed. (The Mass Psychology of Fascism, 1946, p. 181)

        This applies to the current situation (“tea party and orgonomy”), i.e., to your current work:

        A sociological concept of any considerable weight can penetrate and become practically important only if it has already been spontaneously acquired by the masses in their own lives. (ibid., p. 180)

        But also:

        One makes history only when one sees, at the right time, the processes and problems which are concealed from people in general. (People in Trouble, 1946, p. 17)

      • Dear Peter, Thank you for that valuable addition from Reich’s “Mass Psychology of Fascism.”

    • The US is controlled – not by Americans, any longer. It does not matter what you vote for, any longer.

  2. I totally agree with you Dr Konia and I feel that we are all too lucky (and these are not honeyed but bitterly insencere words) since Orgonomy is so deservedly represented by a man like you.

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