It’s The People

All through human history, people have shown to be incapable of governing themselves without an authority figure  such as a monarch or a cleric to watch over and care for them.  This is true more than ever in today’s anti-authoritarian transformation of Western society with the social breakdown of authoritarian democratic governments.

The underlying reason that people are unable to govern themselves without a leader in authority is because they are emotionally too crippled (armored) and therefore are unable to regulate themselves.  Accompanying this need for compulsive regulation, people have always looked outside, never inward, to seek the source of their social problems.  This tendency to externalize their personal problems is now greater than ever in today’s highly politicized anti-authoritarian society where people are looking for political solutions for almost every social problem.  Because of differences in their socio-political character structures, (differences in armoring), people are divided into two ideological camps: the political left or the right. Now, they end up blaming each other for social problems.

With the breakdown of the authoritarian social order and the disappearance of authority figures on the local level for people to rely on, many are unable to responsibly take care of their lives.  This is the reason for the breakthrough of socially destructive impulses such as criminal impulsivity and helplessness in today’s anti-authoritarian social order.  This social  situation results in the need for a high level leader in government to watch over and care for people.  This situation is ripe for a secular “savior” to appear on the social scene.  At this point a clever political figure with nothing else to offer as his credentials but a blank slate upon which the crippled masses can project their mystical longing to be cared for and given “hope,” appears on the political stage.  Barack Obama promises to do exactly that.

It is not only the power hungry politician that is responsible for bringing about the destruction of our great nation.  Equally important are the emotionally sick masses who are unable to work productively.  These people either unconsciously or consciously confer power to the politician.  The criminal group confers power to the politician by creating the need for federal regulations which interferes with the market while the helpless group does so by mystically believing in the savior’s miraculous  goodness and his ability to care for and save them.  The criminally irresponsible and helpless  masses of armored humanity who are incapable of doing an honest days work are the ones  largely responsible for bringing about the enslavement of an entire society that is happening in front of our eyes and creating a socialist state.


  1. Dear Mr. Konia,

    what do you mean by “human history”? Do you mean the 6000 years of patriarchal history? Or do you mean the whole human existence on earth, including the Old and half of the Young Stone Age, where there are no signs of stratified, acephalous societies with monarchs and clerics?

    Best regards,
    Sebastian Buhr

    • I mean 6000 years of patriarchal history.We have no idea what human societies were like before this time.

  2. Thank you for your clear vision and life supporting work, Dr. Konia.

  3. It is one and the same Stalinist conspiracy which destroyed Reich 55 years ago and is destroying the whole USA right now:

    It was all explained back in 1984:

  4. Thank you, Dr. Konia
    In-sight-filled, as usual. Would you please speak of the political right’s ways of promising the impossible as well.
    Thanks, MBrennan

  5. Peter

    I wanted to thank you for the videos that you post. They are difficult to watch but helpful in keeping updated on all the problems that we face

  6. “…Now there are different kinds of liars. If we must have lying Presidents of the United States, I prefer that they be like Richard Nixon. You could just look at him and tell that he was lying.

    But Obama is much smoother. On this and on many other issues, you would have to know what the facts are to know that he is lying. He is obviously counting on the fact that, in this era of dumbed-down education, many people have no clue as to what the facts are.

    He is also counting on something else — namely, that the pro-Obama media will not expose his lies…” Thomas Sowell

    And these are real qualitative differences between a pseudoliberal like Obama and the past liars governors of America. The crippled and uneducated masses (the “strong” majority) have found their political peddler who bring them “hope” and give them “power”…

    • Your distinction between Obama’s lying and the lying of other American presidents is right on. I would like to add that there is an evil, malevolent quality to Obama’s lying since, unlike other presidents his stated goal is to bring about America’s destruction as a world leader. This evilness is too frightening for most people to tolerate feeling.

    • Forget Nixon’s Watergate!

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