A Work Democratic Organization

In a work democratic organization, the natural and intrinsic rational work relationships among human beings regulates the work process.  Since its incorporation in 1968, the American College of Orgonomy has functioned as a work democratic organization.  In contrast to formal organizations that are governed by the principle of compulsive work, the participation of an individual in a work democratic organization is  entirely voluntary and is sustained by the capacity to engage in work that is vital to the organization’s survival.

Healthy work originates from the biological core and is expressed through the periphery undistorted by armor.  It is rational, constructive and is experienced by the worker as pleasurable.  It has been typical in the College’s history that once a member’s particular work function begins to deteriorate for whatever reason, they lose touch with the organization of their own accord.  The deterioration usually takes the form of a mechanistic or mystical distortion manifested as rigidity of the original work function.  This is a clear indication that their secondary destructive layer (armor) is interfering with their ability to work.  It often comes out later that the exiting member or members had some personal reason justifying their leaving such as having a greater knowledge as to how the College should develop or a higher vision that the organization should have adopted.  The reason for their separation always comes out only after they leave, not before.

People often ask me why this or that person has left the College? The answer in almost every case is the same.  It is the result of the breakdown in the individual’s specific work function in the College.  It is primarily the rational work function of  the College’s members that sustains their ability to cooperate with each other and to work productively.

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  1. I liked reading this! I Wish I lived closer to the College! Or…..the College lived closer to me-in-San-Diego!

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