The Origin Of The Ideologies Of The Left And The Right

In order to understand what is wrong with political ideologies one must first recognize what is right about them from a biophysical point of view.  In my blog on February I stated that the politics of the Left and Right originate from the basic contradiction in the structure of all armored humans: the longing for freedom on the one hand and fear of freedom on the other.

The ideology of the true liberal is determined by and is an expression of the underlying human longing for freedom, happiness and a desire for social improvement.  The ideology of the true conservative is determined by a sense that these desired states of being if not unrealistic, are, at the very least, not practically attainable beyond what people actually have.

Thus, liberal ideology has always been more popular and attractive to the masses and why it is that left-leaning presidents in the past such as Wilson, Roosevelt and Kennedy have enjoyed an inordinate amount of  adoration.  In today’s anti-authoritarian era social conditions are even worse that before.  Many people including especially those on the political Left are in a state of chronic over-expansion and unsatisfaction.  Originating from their helplessness and need to taken care, their expectation to be given a continuous  supply of  security and material possessions seems unquenchable.  This need fits in well with President Obama’s far left domestic policies and accounts for his continuing popularity among this segment of the population even as social and economic conditions worsen.

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