Our Dysfunctional Economy

The vitality of a nation depends on its ability to regulate itself economically.  The well-being of the economy is a reflection of the quality and quantity of people’s biological work function.  Since armored humans have a disturbance in their work function in varying types and degrees, the ability for self regulation of the nation’s economy must become dysfunctional.  A sign of the worsening in their emotional health in today’s anti-authoritarian society is the decline in the quality and quantity of  people’s capacity to work .  The  degradation of the American economy is a direct result.

Some of the signs of the degradation in the work function are seen in the following manifestations of social pathology:

1) The increase in the number of people’s economic helplessness, those who depend on the government for their survival. This is done either directly in the form of handouts of welfare checks or indirectly through the unionism of the public sector.

2) The rising power of unions over workers’ lives.

3) The increasing sense of public entitlement, expecting something from the government in all segments of society, from individuals to giant corporations.

4) The application of affirmative action rules in the workplace.

5) Irresponsible and fraudulent credit practices by business and government leaders resulting in the erosion of public trust in the marketplace and in financial institutions such as banks.

In response to the economic troubles, the government steps in to “do something”  by passing laws in the form of  spending, including bail-out and regulatory legislation, none of which has anything whatsoever to do with the underlying source of the economic problems.  Self regulation in the private sector is replaced by compulsive regulation from the public sector.  These politicians are incapable of  admitting  that they have no solution to improve social conditions.  Others who are more realistic know that they have nothing better to offer except to cut back on the government’s involvement in trying to fix things.  This is the only possible rational solution considering the general lack of understanding of the  biological work function.


  1. If one follows the logic you have outlined, then one can conclude that America’s work function is in worse shape than most of the First and Second World’s, since these countries have vigorous economies. They work hard, are innovative, and export products that everybody needs–which bring in a GNP surplus. Stated in another way, the American psyche is too disturbed to work, causing an exacerbation of the global recession. One only has to look at the number of people that bio-physically cannot work (and are on some form of government support), and also notice the amount of criminality in society-at-large to reach this conclusion. The above hamper the working person and businesses in that they have to pay taxes for people that are incapable of any productive work, and also pay dearly for the criminal activity that is an outcome of being “unemployable.” The following article points to the degeneration of businesses due to theft.

    As you speak so often of the anti-authoritarian structure and its biopathies-which make a lot of sense-it seems to be more of an American issue that other First World countries since as stated above, their economies are healthier, and their secondary impulses are held more in check. In my opinion, I think they are less prone to “bad-behavior” since their social armor is still functioning via the Catholic Church–which includes the idea of heterosexual primacy.

    • You get my point exactly. The breakdown of the biological work function is one of the direct results of the anti-authoritarian degradation of America. From a biophysical perspective, people in this country simply cannot tolerate, take advantage of, and enjoy the enormous amount of freedom that there is to be had in America.By freedom,I do not mean the “anything goes” variety which a gross distortion commonly believed by most armored people.This mistaken notion largely holds true for Western nations as well.

      • While I would agree with both of your assessments of the current state of affairs in the U.S. (i.e. break down of the biological work function), I disagree with Ed’s assessment of other First World countries. I live in Canada. While it is true that the Canadian economy and banking system withstood the financial crisis better than the U.S., the % of citizens depending on the government in one form or another ( i.e. on welfare, unemployment benefits, working for the government) is much higher in Canada (closing in on 50%) than in the U.S.
        As a result, I do think that there still exists enough health in the population at large in the U.S. to stem the tide of the breakdown of the biological work function.
        IF, and this a huge IF, a few reputable public figures were able to point out the “obvious” to the public at large, I think that it could have a positive short term and long term effect. The “obvious” is the following:
        1) Everyone needs to work to take care of themselves
        2) Work leads to greater individual independence
        3) Anyone in government or positions of authority (i.e. Obama, etc) who’s actions and words create dependency on the government is a “contributor” to the problem
        4) The few reputable, clearest thinking public figures, need to point out how the words and actions of these influential “contributors” (i.e. Emotional Plague characters or Emotional Plague character supporters) help sabotage any chance of improvement in people’s ability to work and get jobs (i.e. so that they can have more independence which could possibly lead to more personal freedom and happiness)
        The current debt limit “crisis” being acted out on the public stage is a great opportunity to confront the “contributors”. Some is this is being done. Unfortunately, the ones who are best able to speak on behave of the rational way to resolve the debt problem of the American government are missing some crucial information (available in your book and from the ACO).

      • Our hope depends on the huge IF in your comment.

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