The Federal Government’s Far-reaching Changes Of Financial Regulations

In response to the 2oo8 economic crisis, Congress has taken steps toward the most extensive remapping of financial regulation since the 1930s.  Among other things, the bill gives regulators power to constrain the activities of banks and if these buffers don’t work, the government would have power to seize and liquidate a failing company that poses a threat to the broader economy.

This knee-jerk response of politicians to the current economic crisis was entirely predictable. Having no understanding of its underlying causes, their symptomatic approach was to institute another layer of regulations on an already over-regulated economy.  When self-regulation of the free market economy on the local, private level breaks down, compulsive regulation on the Federal level must take over bringing with it another layer of economic armor in the form of greater regulation.

The real source of the crisis lies outside the province of politicians. It has to do with the pathological, destructive  behavior of ordinary armored human beings manifested as greed, irresponsibility, feelings of entitlement and corrupt business transactions bordering on quasi-criminal activities that are expressed on a daily basis in the economic realm. Unless this manifestation of the emotional plague is recognized and addressed, this endless cycle of sick economic behavior of armored people followed by more governmental control will continue and take its toll on people’s economic and personal lives.

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  1. Hi Dr. Konia…Today when I read your Mosque and Economic blogs you made me laugh…Impulse from the human core is such a lovely thing but such energies sometimes have trouble negotiating all the crap and distortion of society. They shy away, people who have it are not so vocal. People who do articulate themselves are inevitably distorted. What’s so refreshing about your blog and aggression is that your core energy is able to articulate perfectly an answer. It makes me laugh…your aggression reminds me of a sturdy infant. You channel your anger into these commentaries and decimate all the crap that is so annoying…LOL… it’s very funny in a truthful way…but the subjects are serious of course…I can imagine you blogging the hell out of the internet until the day you die…LOL…boy you pegged those clowns who allowed that Mosque to go up exactly!

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