Why Pseudo-Liberals Need To Allow A Mosque To Be Built Next To Ground Zero

It is easy to understand why Islamists want to build a mosque near Ground Zero. But why do American Leftists want a mosque there? To understand how  pseudo-liberals can allow a mosque to be constructed next to Ground Zero it is necessary to know the differences in the bio-physical structure between Islamic fanatics and  pseudo-liberals. The Islamists are in a holy war dedicated to the destruction of the Western World. They are driven by distorted impulses from their biological core that pass through the destructive middle layer and are expressed  at the surface.

Pseudo-liberals like Mayor Bloomberg and President Obama, on the other hand, live entirely in the superficial layer and use their intellectual faculties to defend themselves from awareness of their own and others destructive impulses. Moreover, they are completely out of touch with the biological core and, therefore,  cannot see that there is a religious war going on.  For them, Islamist terrorists are simply criminals, not religious fanatics. Nor can they see that allowing a mosque to be built next to Ground Zero represents a major victory to the perpetrators of the September 11, attack: a mosque is being built on American  land that was destroyed by Islam in the holy war.

Since there is no objective benefit to them, the question is what personal satisfaction do liberals get from the building of a mosque next to Ground Zero? Construction of the mosque at that site provides liberals with a pathological feeling of self worth. Liberals have enormous amounts of unconscious guilt that requires expiation on a daily basis. This is done by getting involved in political causes. Forgiving the terrorists for their crime of September 11, 2001 by making a political statement in favor of the mosque not only atones them of their personal guilt but it also places them on a higher moral plane not only in relation to the perpetrators but also in relation to all those Americans who are “opposed to the project because they are prejudiced against Muslims”.


  1. This is a very clear explanation. It is important for you to explain the emotional plague to more people, institutions and media. One small question: liberals permit the building of the mosque (very close to Ground Zero), and we understand the danger. For thousands of years, conservatives have permitted the building of Catholic churches. Are they dangerous on the same level?

    • The point is not the building of a mosque, but where that mosque is being built: almost upon Ground Zero, which is a deliberate provocation to America, and at the same time a victory for the extreme Islamists who danced in the streets of Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan when the twin towers fell, saying “We leveled your towers and now we plant our flag there”. The building of Catholic churches, synagogues or mosques is not an analogous situation.

  2. Thank You very much again for the insights further fleshing out The Emotional Plague with current examples..

  3. Where does the unconscious guilt feelings among liberals?

    • Liberals are prone to act out their feelings of guilt in the political arena because they do not have religion to handle these feelings.

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