The Great Health Care Debate Evasion

It is characteristic of the way armored people think that they always avoid the essential.  The health care debate is a good  example.  In this debate, people argue about all kinds of secondary issues such as the high cost of Obamacare, the socialization of medical practice and so on, while ignoring what made the problem come about in the first place: the mechanization of the practice of medicine and, with it, the qualitative destruction of the doctor-patient relationship.

With the tremendous technological advances in medical practice brought about by mechanistic science, the practice of medicine itself became mechanized.  Accompanying these advances, medical education turned from being a natural science to a branch of mechanistic science.  These developments eventually brought about the destruction of the traditional doctor-patient relationship which is the cornerstone of medical practice.  Unless these facts are recognized and addressed as the primary problem in health care today, there can be no hope of ever arriving at a rational, in contrast to the inevitable mechanistic-socialistic, solution to the crisis in medicine.

Except for a few areas of medical practice where mechanistic interventions are rational and indicated, there have to be fundamental, qualitative changes in the way physicians think about life and the disease processes other than viewing the human body as some sort of machine.  This new approach has the potential of providing an understanding of many diseases of unknown origin such as cancer and heart disease and by so doing,  lowering the suffering and the tax burden on the general population.  To prevent the indoctrination of would-be physicians in the mechanistic paradigm, these changes have to be instituted at the very beginning of the  medical school curriculum.  An example of such a non-mechanistic, functional approach is the training program in medical orgone therapy for qualified physicians, offered by the American College of Orgonomy.

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