Politics Is Not The Solution To Social Problems

In her article, “The Town Hall Revolt, One Year Later” (July 10-11 issue of The Wall Street Journal), Peggy Noonan writes about the increasing public resistance to the social and economic policies of the Obama administration as expressed in the town hall revolts throughout the nation.  She correctly concludes that just because the public is dissatisfied with the policies of the political Left, it does not mean that the political Right is worthy of a possible election-day victory in November 2010.

However, the answer she provides is still within the framework of political solutions when she asks, are Republicans capable of having serious and open debate?  Like all those whether on the political Left and Right, she is unable to step outside of this rationalistic paradigm. What is typically missing in this approach is any understanding of the underlying, biologically determined, differences in the ways that people think, which stand in the way of their arriving at genuinely constructive answers to social and economic problems.  What is also missing is an understanding of the operation of the emotional plague that is certain to step in and add to the destructiveness. This being the case, the failure of the political Right, when it is their turn to be victorious in November 2010, is a foregone conclusion.

And so it goes from Left to Right and back again. Nothing is learned from past mistakes and American society is in a worse state than it was before. This is the subject matter of my forthcoming book, Neither Left Nor Right.

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