Why is America increasingly hated?

Increasing hatred of America coincided with the transformation of society from authoritarian to anti-authoritarian, which occurred during the late 1950s and 1960s. This transformation was intensified by the so- called “sexual revolution” when the younger generation, biophysically unprepared for a truly healthy sexual life, demanded greater sexual freedom.

American pseudo-liberals quickly took advantage of this highly volatile social situation by identifying their leftist political agenda (based on their hatred of authority) with the sexual longing of young people. This politicized the movement, thereby turning it into an organized form of the emotional plague. The younger generation’s frustration and anger was directed toward authoritarian figures in America, who were perceived as being opposed to their sexual demands. Everyone in authority in the social mainstream (all law enforcement, college professors, leaders in business and the military) was viewed with hostility and suspicion, and with this there was a shift of the political center to the left. As a result, many people in government who had been considered liberal-minded in the past were labeled as “conservative” or “right-wing extremists.”

With the fall of the Soviet Union, America became the only super power. Since power is equated with the hated authority figure in the minds of the easily-influenced masses, fueled by the liberal media and entertainment industry, America easily became the targeted object of their hatred. This hatred of America by Americans has infected many countries in the free world, particularly in Western Europe.

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