Wag the Dog

The operation of the emotional plague has taken armored people’s mechanistic-mystical way of thinking and turned every great human achievement into a social disaster. Here are some examples:

The Industrial Revolution of the 19th harnessed large amounts of mechanical energy for the benefit of mankind. A consequence was the production of enormous amounts of wealth in a few people and of sharp differences in the living standards of the population as a whole. Social scientists came along by declaring that since all humans were no different from each other and in order to eliminate the inequality, the wealth produced by the machines should be divided equally with everyone. The publics mindless acceptance of this type of mechanistic reasoning was how the socialist movement first started to foment social trouble in America.

In the middle of the 20th century, with the development of electronic science on the microscopic scale unheard of advances happened in the technology of communication and in the development of computers for the benefit of everyone. Some computer scientists came along and declared that the mechanical computer could rival and even surpass the reasoning powers of the human mind. This led to the idea of “artificial intelligence” (AI) in computer technology, the mystical belief that eventually, human judgement could be replaced by the operations of robots.

Around the same time, with the advent of psychopharmacology, psychiatrists began turning away from having personal contact with their patients and increasingly began using psychotropic drugs to treat them. They replaced the diagnostic system based on an understanding of the whole patient in favor of one focusing exclusively on symptoms. The upshot was that today psychiatric diagnosis and treatment is almost entirely symptom-based, pharmacological and mechanistic. The patient who has the symptom is ignored.

As mechanistic thinking continues to invade and be dominant in the natural sciences, armored humans are slowly and imperceptibly being adapted to function robotically according to the machines that they are creating. This is an entirely new phenomenon in the emotional plague’s destructive attack on human life. As a result, many armored people are in the process of being transformed into a new, neutered, machine-like breed which is unlike any creature that has existed in the history of civilization. More and more, the “tail” (the mechanistic thinker) is wagging the “dog” (the armored, robot-like human).

Taking The Psyche Out Of Psychiatry

The following is an excerpt from my forthcoming book, “Clueless”:

“In the past, psychiatrists were physicians who dealt with the patient’s psychic as well as somatic functions. Today, psychiatrists solely deal with the patient symptomatically by prescribing medication. For them, the patient’s psyche is not in their medical province.

According to current psychiatric thinking, the source of the patient’s mental illness, as defined by the DSM system, is the result of localized pathology in the brain. This is mechanistic thinking and a throwback to the 19th century when it was commonly believed that each part of the brain was a center for designated psychic faculties such as reasoning, empathy etc. The psyche was equated with the human brain.

This return to an antiquated view of the psyche came about in three stages. First, Freud’s psychologically based ideas on sexuality (libido theory) had to be repudiated by mainstream psychiatry. Then, the source of psychiatric illness could be replaced by the idea of brain localization. Finally, it could follow mystically that drugs could somehow be “tailor made” to target the brain for every psychiatric disorder.”

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