The Training Program for Social Orgonomy

Charles Konia, M.D.
Reprinted from the Journal of Orgomomy Vol. 42 No. 1
The American College of Orgonomy

The American College of Orgonomy’s training program in social orgonomy was developed, in part, in response to the increasingly large number of unqualified and irresponsible therapists who are practicing various forms of body therapy with no understanding of what they are doing and, in part, in response to the large number of people who need help and to the insufficient number of qualified medical orgonomists currently available to treat them.

The transformation of Western society from authoritarian to anti- authoritarian has led to the breakthrough of destructive secondary layer activity in all areas of social life, from an increase in drug use and abuse to all kinds of psychopathic behavior, behavior that has included the appearance of rogue “body therapists” of all varieties in the field of health care.

Because of the gravity of this situation, the College decided to address the problem by developing a training program in social orgonomy for psychologists and social workers with the purpose of instructing them in the principles and practice of characteranalytic therapy. This program is intended to teach individuals who do not have the necessary medical training but who are characterologically qualified and who have at least a master’s degree in psychology or sociology to be able to alleviate some of the distress of people suffering from emotional illness.

The College’s main concern was to establish a program for qualified non-medical professionals who can work responsibly and, by respecting their own limits, help people and do no harm. It took many years of hard, dedicated work by the ACO and its social orgonomy training committee to bring this vision to fruition.

In developing the College’s training program in social orgonomy the following fundamental questions had to be answered: What is the function of the social orgonomist and what is the distinction between the functions of the medical and the social orgonomist?

The social orgonomist primarily deals with the manner in which armored people’s destructive ways of living impacts others; that is, with how they mold society and the environment to conform to their irrational emotional needs through mechanistic/mystical and moralistic thinking and behavior. The social orgonomist deals not only with alleviating the effects of armored life from person to person, but also with preventing the transmission of armor from parent to offspring through social intervention. Thus, the social orgonomist is strictly concerned with relieving social armor, armor that is in the social realm. Operating exclusively in this realm, he or she is always respectful of limiting therapeutic interventions to the superficial layers of armor.

The medical orgonomist, on the other hand, is primarily concerned with the manner is which the patient’s life is molded from birth by an armored environment. Therefore, he or she operates biophysically by removing the individual’s armor. Because this involves working in the deeper and more inclusive biological realm which contains the social realm, the medical orgonomist is also concerned with alleviating social armor.

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