Fomenting Social Change is the Left’s Weapon of Choice For its Political Takeover

Before any improvement can be expected in social conditions there must first be an understanding and application to social processes of the knowledge contained in the science of Social Orgonomy. The three layers of the human bio-psychic apparatus consisting in the biological core, the destructive secondary layer and the superficial layer or facade is one example.

The political left’s anti-authoritarian tactic is to encourage the expression of people’s repressed ideas and emotions contained in their secondary destructive layer and direct them against authority figures on all social levels. The left will find any cause, such as “black lives matter”, as a rationalization to justify this expression. By step-by-step indoctrinating children and adolescents in the new norms of anti-authoritarian thinking and social behavior and by teaching the morality of political correctness to adults and turning them into mindless robots, the left’s political goal of undermining the existing authoritarian social order will be accomplished. This tactic of the emotional plague is responsible for the current acceleration in the widespread destructiveness of society.

Because of the people’s cluelessness regarding the source of humanity’s social problems and of the existence of the plague, the left is easily stepping in and promising all of its outworn, socialist political agendas and have them be passively accepted by the mindless public. This has a single objective, gaining political control over the American people’s minds and lives.


  1. The real pandemic is the emotional plague & its becoming more virulent with each passing day. Witness their threats to “tear it all down” if the senate dares move on confirming a new supreme court justice. Hate filled revenge minded blacks are encouraged to riot/loot while guilty whites, as you correctly point out, are paralyzed by their guilt & are powerless to stop the plague’s inexorable march to our country’s ultimate destruction. Trump tries valiantly to push back, but his attempts appear futile. The nation appears to be tottering on the brink of outright social chaos in the face of this extreme outbreak of the plague. Not sure what can be done at this point short of an extreme military crackdown on the rioters as well as holding the press & far left mayors/governors fully accountable. Thank you as always Dr Konia for your clear-eyed functional perspective! It’s been great source of understanding & comfort in these troubled times.

  2. It is questionable whether Floyd was really killed by the policeman. He was on a drug cocktail that could have killed anyone.
    It is also never mentioned that Floyd was a porn actor because it would disturb his saint status.

  3. After first reading this entry I was puzzled and confused until I remembered one of the most impressive entries which had a lasting effect on me – and was, actually, responsible for that puzzlement: “Christianity began to flourish around the fourth century A.D. when the Roman Empire was disintegrating. People’s secondary destructive drives were responsible for this collapse and Christianity’s primary function was to preserve whatever remained intact of Roman social order.”

    • Peter
      thanks so much for linking Dr. Konia’s post from 2012 on Christianity. One of Dr. Konia’s best and most insightful postings among a slew of others. Amazing how easy it is to forget all the gems that we have be privileged to have access to.

  4. typo error in previous comment

    “that we have been privileged to have access to”

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