Another Stage in America’s Anti-authoritarian Transformation

Apropos of what happened in the city of Seattle (CHOP, CHAZ,CHOP again}, and next attempted in Portland (nameless because it was quenched), and what will continue to happen in cities throughout the nation. The permissiveness of increased social violence ushers in the next level of destructiveness in the anti-authoritarian transformation of Western Society and, with it, the development of mass social chaos on a wider social scale.

Accompanying the breakdown of the authoritarian family and the shift to the political left in the social mainstream that was result of the transformation starting in the 60s and the following decades, is today’s breakthrough of the secondary layer to the social surface of the generations of armored humans growing up during this time and its accompanying destructiveness on every social level. The behavior is being passively tolerated and even allowed expression by leftist White politicians who are the ones that are elected to positions of authority and are expected to do their function in these difficult anti-authoritarian times of maintaining law and order. (Supported by black appeasing White liberals, New York’s Mayer, Di Blasio is actively promoting the Black Lives Matter political movement by himself painting this slogan in black paint in large letters on Fifth Avenue streets!)

This social destructiveness is happening because the White leftists in authority are paralyzed, immobilized and intimidated by the Black racists expression of their hateful, destructive secondary layer. Frightened by the force of the emotional plague, these White leftists are helpless, confused and incapable of seeing what is going on. By their actively supporting these destructive demonstrations, the emotional plague continues to be fueled, spread and become organized on a larger scale than before. This racist movement will continue to divide American society and bring about the further destruction of our society on a deeper social level unrecognized while happening in front of everyone’s eyes.


  1. Very clear. Thanks. Judy

  2. The social destruction emerging due to the helplessness being exhibited by today’s “leaders” may seem quite tame compared to the impending chaos that is on the horizon due to the worldwide mismanagement of Covid-19 and the destructive social agreements that followed.

    Under the guise of “public safety” (never has a term been more misused and turned on its head) government officials and health bureaucrats have issued edicts on a weekly basis that have little or no basis in true public health.

    Citizens have been turned against each other (i.e. to wear a mask or not). Business owners and citizens have been “deputized” as enforcers of government edicts to enforce whims, not laws. This is the definition of lawlessness

    There is no turning the clock back on the last 6 months. Weaponizing and justifying neurotic reactions by the masses based on misinformed leaders edicts will no doubt lead to socially acceptable emotional plague behavior.

    Hopefully, as things deteriorate, some leaders will seek out advice from those who can think functionally.

    • I am in complete agreement with your views.

      • Dr Konia

        In the 1990’s I had the good fortune and privilege of discovering the ACO by chance. At the time I was having difficulties in my life and sought out therapy. I was aware of and greatly respected Reich’s work but did not know where to find a qualified medical orgone therapist. I knew of Lowen’s bioenergetic institute in New York through a friend so I took the chance and called to ask for a reference and was given the ACO’s phone number. In retrospect I think it might of been quite unusual and my good luck to have received that referral.

        I derived great personal benefit from my therapeutic experience which was enhanced by subscribing to the Journal of Orgonomy and then reading your two books. As much as therapy was necessary without the knowledge gained from your writings and groundbreaking discovery I would not have understood how humans functioned from a bio-emotional and bio-social perspective and certainly would not have had been able to see what was happening around me clearly.

        The ability to think functionally, particularly during stressful times like these, has been a comfort to me, my family and close friends.

        Thank you again for your influential role in that process.

      • You’re welcome.

  3. The emotional plague stuns and paralyzes its victims & renders them incapable of fighting back. Combine that with the abject inability of the masses of people to “see” what’s actually going on before their very eyes (the destruction of the American way of life), and voila…you have social/economic chaos on a scale perhaps never seen before.
    As always, thank you Dr Konia for your penetrating insights.

    • you’re welcome

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