The Destruction of the Authoritarian Family

An understanding of the three layers of the human bio-psychiatric apparatus (the biological core, the destructive secondary layer and the surface or superficial layer) is an essential functional tool that must be used to know what is happening in today’s world. Also necessary is an awareness of the transformation of society from authoritarian to anti-authoritarian that started in the early 1960s, a process that is actively destroying what remains of the past social order.

One of the transformation’s early casualties was the complete or partial destruction of the authoritarian family. It fragmented the family by destroying not only the pathological, secondary layer elements such as sexual repression, but also its healthy core functions. In effect, the baby (the biological core) was thrown out with the bath water (the destructive, secondary layer). The generations of young people that came out of these families during and after the transformation were left feeling emotionally adrift. Labelled by sociologists as baby boomers, generation x, millennials etc. according to their time of birth during and after the transformation, these products of the anti-authoritarian era are more out of touch with themselves and the world than the people who were brought up earlier. Their cluelessness places them in danger of being manipulated and controlled politically by today’s far-left “saviors”.

These generations are the social symptoms of the transformation. Some of their individual symptoms include the politicalization of young people who are looking for answers to their personal problems in politics, the deterioration in young people’s respect for authority figures, the decline in social manners, the rise in drug addictions for emotional relief, and a rise in the homeless population throughout America, for instance. Unrecognized by most people, all of these destructive social symptoms are the consequence of a single, catastrophic event, the breakdown of the authoritarian social order and, with it, the destruction of the authoritarian family that existed for thousands of years.

Politicians have no answers. A functional understanding on a bio-social level is required. The central focus must be the restoration of the biological family unit which includes the contactfull application of natural parental authority in child rearing.


  1. It seems like such an insurmountable hurdle for most people to overcome their indoctrinated aversion to the rational elements contained in the “old” authoritarian social order because of its irrational elements. You have written about how much more effective anti-authoritarianism is in the repression of contact with the biological core. If functional thinking is ever to take root in the greater social realm an accurate written history of last 60 years will document how quickly and effectively anti-authoritarianism allowed for the destruction of biological family unit.

    The simplistic “conventional wisdom” in an anti-authoritarian society is something like this. Any mention of the word authoritarian and/or behavior reflecting alignment with the old authoritarian social order is bad. Standing up to, disrespecting and/or acting out against any authority is good.

    Even many of those who hold dear to their hearts the rational elements of the old authoritarian order feel compelled to support many aspects of our anti-authoritarian society.

    • I think the key is to educate the public to start thinking functionally by teaching them the basic principles of social orgonomy:
      1) The layering of the bio-psychic apparatus.
      2) The emotional plague.
      3) Socio-political characterology.
      4) The anti-authoritarian transformation of society

      • Dr Konia thank you for this list, greatly appreciated. Do you think that these 4 will be used to develop a public education program by the College or has the process already begun? If I can be of any help on this project, it would be my pleasure to contribute.

      • We’re working on it. I’ll let you know if help is needed.

    • Excellent post Steven…and so true. I grew up at the tail end of the authoritarian era & to this day I have a built in aversion to the word “authority” that’s hard to shake. In fact I initially applauded the advent of anti-authoritarianism in the 60’s & beyond.. However, thanks to Dr Konia’s as well as Dr Baker’s work, Ive know come to understand that elements of the authoritarian family were rational &, most important, held together the social order. There’s indeed much work to be done to educate people on the positive aspects of the authoritarian family, minus the irrational ones. It needs to be done sooner than later as the social order as we’ve known it appears to be rapidly disintegrating.

      • Elliott
        thank you for the kind words. I shared your attraction to anti-authoritarianism and was all for “throwing out the baby with the bath water” using one of Dr. Konia’s descriptions of the societal transformation. My personal problems as a teenager in the 60’s directed me to Reich, Baker and eventually medical orgone therapy. Dealing with my problems made it much easier to see through the hidden moralism of the left and see through the destructive indoctrination of the times.

      • Growing up in the authoritarian era it was a luxury to be anti-authoritarian. In todays anti-authoritarian era authority is a necessity.

      • Dr Konia
        It took me a while to let in and understand your comment above about the luxury to be anti-authoritarian in the authoritarian era etc. I want you to know how much I appreciate your ability to express in 2 short sentences such a deep yet simple and clear insight.

      • Everything becomes simplified when seen from the perspective of functional thinking.

  2. For arguments sake, let us say that the anti-authority meme is more or less evenly distributed throughout the world (in fact, there are noteworthy differences.) Something else has to account for the level of dysfunction and destruction that is evident in one democratic country versus another–but what is it?

    We should examine the healthy versus neurotic functions of childbirth and post-natal care. A child that is unloved, traumatized or brought up by clueless parents will be more prone to suffer from dysfunction later in life, and be more armored in whatever direction the psychosexual stages develop. Faulty parenting exacerbates the difficulties in character formation, and I don’t think there is a political angle in parenting as it crosses all man-made boundaries. Just as a satisfying adolescent love life can support psychic health and “undo” some neurotic tendencies, a healthy birth and after care will somewhat “shield” the growing infant from the dissatisfactions of the psychosexual stages.

    Some basic issues to look at: How does this particular society view circumcision, natural (not disease-model) childbirth, and bonding time for the mother? These simple sex-economic factors might make the difference between the entrenchment and continuation of the Emotional Plague or not.

    • You are right. Raising healthy children is the solution. It has nothing to do with politics.

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