The Rise in the Incidence of Mass Shootings

In the past authoritarian era (prior to 1960) mass shootings rarely, if ever, occurred. Accompanying the transformation of society from authoritarian to anti-authoritarian in recent decades, there has been a dramatic shift in the pattern of armor in the younger generation (see below). These bio-physical changes are the primary, underlying, bio-social reasons for the dramatic rise in the incidence of mass shootings today.

In the past, authoritarian social order the individual’s destructive impulses and ideas were effectively bound (psychologically repressed) by muscular armor in the body. People generally were well-behaved on all social levels. There was a clear distinction between right and wrong. Criminals were considered a separate, but well defined segment of society.

With the anti-authoritarian transformation of society there occurred a shift in people’s armor from the musculature to the brain. The resultant increase in ocular armor was responsible for the breakdown of the armored structure of society and the rise in all degrees of impulsive behavior in people from the most benign to the most destructive forms of human acts, of which, the increase in mass shootings is the most deadly example. Accompanying the transformation, the genie – the pestilence of the emotional plague – was out of the bottle.

Whenever mass shootings occur, the emotional plague from the political left is ready to respond and inject its venom by politicizing the tragedy, pandering to emotional sympathies of the public and generating confusion and all kinds of social mischief. Some examples are advocating gun control by the government, blaming Trump for “exacerbating racial tensions”, promoting the censorship of free speech of “white supremacists” etc. All of these suggestions are in the exclusive service of destroying the vitality of what remains intact of the existing authoritarian social order, another sign of the emotional plague. As explained above, they have nothing to do with the problem of mass shootings. Therefore, all they do is to generate social anarchy and increase the possibility of more mass shootings.


  1. The destructive nature of the phenomenon that you discovered, described and labelled (i.e.the transformation of authoritarian society into anti-authoritarian) accounts for a great deal of the social anxiety that exists today. There is no doubt that many are aware of the destruction that is a daily occurrence in many different forms and have an increased sense of anxiety themselves. Unfortunately to share with friends and loved ones the functional reasons for the increase in destruction that they are witnessing requires too much time and commitment on their part. The functional solutions to the emotional plague in the greater social realm take 1) time 2) dedication 3) focus and 4) are a mid to long term commitment. To date they are very few who have the knowledge and even among them very few willing to take that on.

    • Unfortunately, you are right.

  2. This is so important. Thanks.

    • You’re wecome.

  3. Your blog entry about mass shootings does not explain why America specifically. Why all this in America? I heard in Canada and Switzerland there are more assault weapons! In my opinion it has to do with the Christian heritage. In a way only Americans take Christianity seriously. The “Simpson family” goes to church every Sunday, something completely impossible if this cartoon would have been produced in any other “Christian” country! Every single true Christian I ever met was involved in American Baptism imported to Germany. Catholicism and European Protestantism is always lukewarm and a contemptuous lie, just “culture” and a kind of Greek/Roman paganism. Only you Americans took Christianity seriously: God’s own country. And it is all about revenge and resentment: “But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me” (Luke 19:27). The sinner then goes to hell where he is tortured FOR ETERNITY! With the death of God this theme of blood-thirsty sadistic revenge got a life of its own; instigated by the fascist revenge cult of Hollywood individual psychos take the role of the avenger.

    It’s all there, the change from authoritarian (God as avenger) to antiauthoritarian (the individual as anarchic avenger) and the change from muscular armor (law abiding restraint) to ocular armor (nihilistic paranoid impulsivity).

    • The First Amendment gives all American citizens including the crazy ones today the right to bear arms. When the First Amendment was written, it was inconceivable to people that their society would be the way it is today.

    • The First Amendment is about freedom of religion, the SECOND Amendment is about the right to bear arms. The two are a functional unit: to trust in the “ideational” choices of man logically implies to trust in his responsible use of any “material” tools.

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