The Social Functions of the Anti-authoritarian Transformation

The social functions of the transformation define the ultimate goals of the emotional plague, to replace the core functions of human life with destructive, secondary layer functions.

These goals are:

  1. The elimination of the core sexual function from the primary layer and replacing it with the neutered human being based on gender ideology and other perversions from the secondary layer.
  2. The elimination of human history and replacing it with a new history, a “neo-history”.
  3. The elimination of the past authoritarian social order and replacing it with a Soviet styled, socialist state.
  4. The elimination of the old authoritarian morality based on right and wrong and replacing it with the “anything goes”, new morality of political correctness.

These old communist “solutions” of the defunct Soviet Union dressed up in new clothes are being presented today as something novel by our far-left, ideological savants of the Democratic Party for a Brave New World.


  1. In Germany it’s a moonbat nightmare:

    on all levels, beginning with school, everything is done to severe sex from love: love discriminates and is therefore HATE, while perversion is indiscriminate and is therefore LOVE
    in schools history is solely taught as “resistance against repression” over the centuries and millennia: COURAGE is obedience to the REVOLUTIONARY state
    German history is only guilt and, perversely enough, history in general is the guilt of Israel and America: to overcome GERMAN guilt we have to annihilate the Nazi state of ISRAEL
    politics as the art of statesmanship is completely replaced by socio-politics and the atonement of guilt by socialist magick: MERKEL destroyed Germany but is hailed as the ultimate SAVIOUR

    And, no, all of this psychosis is anything but an exaggeration!

  2. Many good observations and insights on politics, but it still it leaves one scratching his head as to what is to be done. Aside from the slow and painstaking work of educating people that have a quest for truth, it looks rather bleak. In order to for truth to have a chance, it must be allowed to ring forth, much as a church bell does without any hindrance, otherwise there is no sound.

    America today is as close as a “democracy” can come to fascism, while still maintaining liberties, but the most important liberty of all, the right to free expression is more or less lost. This has been the case for about two decades, started in the 1960’s with the outbreak and legitimization of secondary impulses (i.e., anti-authoritarianism). As all public domains of society have become pseudo-leftist, which are more interested in censorship than in real dialogue, what is discussed on this forum does not have a chance to incubate in society at large. Much like an impulsive character, a society without the capacity to see and tolerate the truth will turn to force to quell its anxiety when confronted with functional logic.

    One would not dream of speaking freely to a gang member or criminal about their vices as it can lead to bodily harm–we label this relationship as antagonistic apposition as the two sides permanently oppose and exclude one another. This is what Israel has done with its Arab neighbors (Gaza and West Bank) in order to survive, as too much yielding would lead to suicide. On the other hand, when one confronts a co-worker with let us say, pestilent behavior, and they listen, dialogue and yielding usually occur (an attractive opposition relationship). What is the vitally important difference between the two scenarios above? The criminal is lawless, while the worker cannot be if he desires to keep his job. Psychological (and otherwise) lawlessness is the de-facto reality of the socio-political life in America–which undermines any change for the better.

    When Reich arrived in America, logic was not upside-down and law and order prevailed. He felt hope in working unimpeded and this was so for about 10 years until a Communist orchestrated conspiracy began to hound him. Reich spoke of the truth, countertruth, and the necessity of the police. He stated that neurotic behavior-or more aptly criminal behavior-cannot be dealt with “reason,” but with authoritarian force; this is the antagonistic opposition stance. This is what is urgently needed now, a return and enforcement of law and order. Trump is constantly trying, but he is outgunned by the antagonistic opposites in the body of the Democrats and its followers, a de-facto divergent government.

    What can be done? In my opinion, without force, not much. The outlook seems harsh in any case and there are three possible outcomes: The destroyers of the human core continue and reach their goal of fascism; the conservatives become angry enough to unite and physically back Trump; or a civil war ensues.

  3. In response to Ed’s question “what can be done?”
    From my view, in the short term, there is not much that can be done. It has taken almost a century to arrive at this point in time so it is best to take a longer view so as not to get too discouraged.
    The one thing that I think could be helpful in the short to mid term would be to figure out a strategy (and be able to implement it) by which political correctness could be shown to be the destructive force that it is to healthy human functioning. This process would most likely take at least 15-20 years. If successful it would mean that the health remaining in society would be taking a real stand against one of the emotional plague’s greatest weapons. For this to be accomplished it would take at minimum a significant group of people with social standing who had the ability and dedication to devote their efforts to securing the space in the greater social realm where this idea could take root so that the infectious disease that “PC” supports could be somewhat neutralized and the “PC” be completely rescinded as an acceptable social governing principle (a position that it currently occupies).
    One of the major obstacles preventing such an occurrence is the basic human problem that I describe this way: Disease (i.e. emotional plague characters and activity) must devote most of its energy working to survive. In contrast “healthy” humans are not attracted to fighting disease until it is almost too late or is in fact too late. This battle will take place in the social realm and the healthy ones are usually reticent to be dragged there while the diseased ones flock there.
    It is my experience that there currently exists enough people of significance who can sense and see the destruction that has evolved over the last 60 years with regards to healthy life and a healthy society in the U.S. The problem is that these people are a diverse group and it seems very unlikely for them to unite in common cause to fight something and an “enemy” that they can not precisely know (the EP).
    This is the mid to long term challenge for the ACO and those familiar with the science of Orgonomy. How to find the human resources and create the language that can bridge the gap between the conventional thinker and the functional thinker so that the battle can be fought.
    It can be reasonably predicted that anti-authoritarian society will eventually disintegrate and it is at this point that the health that remains may have its chance. It won’t be pretty and the destruction will be great but if a strategy has been laid out using orgonomic functionalism as its guide they may be some hope in the future that life positive social agreements can find their place in the greater social realm.

  4. The emotional plague, rooted in the secondary layer, is known as the “deep state”, by those who have no knowledge of orgonomy. According to Wikipedia ” a deep state aka a state within a state, is a form of clandestine government made up of hidden or covert
    networks of power operating independently of a state’s political leadership in pursuit of their own agenda and goals… Examples includes organs of state such as the armed forces of public authorities (intelligence agencies, secret police, administrative agencies, government bureaucracies) A deep state can also take the form of entrenched career civil servants acting in a non-conspiratorial manner to further their own interests. The intent of the deep state can include continuity of the state itself, job security for its members enhanced power and authority and pursuit of ideological objectives. It can operate in opposition to the agenda of elected officials by obstructing, resisting and subverting their policies, conditions and directives. It can also take the form of government-own corporations or private companies.” For more see:
    The secondary layer is an organismic pathology and when externalized, is extended and reproduced by those who have lost core contact with their essential nature.

    • The “deep state” comes close to identifying the secondary layer. Thank you.

      • You’re Welcome, Dr. Konia. It would be good to find something similar that defines as close “core contact” and “superficial layer” in the non Orgonomy domain. It should be easier to find the latter, since it is much much more prevalent than the former.

      • The problem is that unless one has a sense of core contact without being mystical I do not know how to convey it to others. This is a major obstacle.

      • I google “deep state” and get over 13 million results. Those who know of, and deplore, the “deep state”, must have some kind of core contact,. If they had the knowledge of Orgonomy, their writings would be more influential , more productive. Right now, their writings, however truthful, factually, fail to communicate to their readers, that lost of core contact, is at the root of humanity’s problem. Without core contact the reader may be well informed, but stays up in his/her head making the brain a substitute, a “go to” ersatz “core” contact. Although being “right” in the head is better that being “wrong” in the head. What has humanity gotten itself into…???

    • Reich’s “Hoodlums in Government (HiGs)”?

      • Yes, exactly. Reich knew. Thank you for this reminder.

  5. Baker notes in MAN IN THE TRAP (1967):

    Burnham, in The Managerial Revolution (… 1941) … look[s] upon the situation in Russia as a rule of managers (bureaucrats) as was the case with Nazi Germany and he points out that the U.S. is well on the same road. These “managers” are the organized emotional plague. (page 181, footnote)

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