The Functional Relationship Between the True Liberal and the Far-left Pseudo-liberal

Emotions both conscious and unconscious are powerful social forces. Because of their unconscious guilt, white American true liberals are always ready to apologize for themselves and assume responsibility for crimes such as racism, sexism and so on that they really have nothing to do with. On the other hand, far-left radicals including those of color are ready to masochistically play the role of the victim and provocatively use it to justify their sadistic expression of unconscious hatred of white Americans accusing them of racism, “classism”, sexism, neocolonialism, among other moral crimes. Guilt-ridden, leftist indoctrinated, white Liberals are the real victims incapable of recognizing that they are being used and attacked by the emotional plague from the far-left and are helpless to defend themselves against it.

This functional relationship of attractive opposition between the true liberal and the far-left pseudo-liberal illustrates an operation of the emotional plague in today’s highly charged political arena.


  1. Thanks, Dr. Konia.

    • You’re welcome.

  2. Dr. Konia, you are describing exactly the functional biological process, which also is going on in Germany:

    Liberals in Germany feel addressed through their guilt feelings by the Muslim immigrants, who masochistic are playing the role of the victims, although objectively, they are mostly perpetrators, this, also applies to the adult Muslim women in Germany.
    There is in my perception probably no masochism without a sadistic instinctual component, even if this should be suppressed.
    In Islam, there is a perpetrator victim conversion.

    Liberals even break lwas in Germany just to “help” the Muslim “victim actors”, this process is totally destructive and criminal.
    This biological process is, also the basis of the irrational “Refugee” Nonsense in Germany, people are trying to get rid of their guilt feelings.

    The highly charge of the political situation in Germany, I described this in my other comments here as war, comes from my perception from the acting of the emotional plague, as it is incapable of a healthy biological sexualeconomy and uses political activism, as it is mostly irrational and contactless, to poke confusion and even more contactlessness.

    • The same sad-masochistic relationship occurs here, there and everywhere.

    • Thank you.

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