The Far-Left’s Rules of Political Engagement

Without an understanding of the three layers of the human bio-psychic apparatus it is impossible to make any sense of what is going on in politics today. These layers are: 1) the biological core, 2) the secondary destructive or middle layer, and 3) the superficial layer or facade.

People on the radical Left operate entirely from their secondary destructive layer. This defines them as emotional plague characters. Their single most important political objective is to destroy American Society and replace it with a totalitarian socialistic society controlled from the top similar to the bygone Soviet Union. As with the old time communists, they seem to be interested in honest political dialogue but this is only a pretense. The only real difference between them is that the present-day socialists, like Bernie Sanders and other Far-Left radicals, have perfected their appearance by developing a highly polished facade that gives them a benign, “regular looking” dissemblance.

The danger to America is that mainstream liberals and many of the younger generation clueless public are easily attracted and taken in by the emotional appeal of these emotional plague political saviors.


  1. OMG! I am so glad that you wrote this one. I know full well how accurate it is. I am particularly glad to see you unwrap Bernie et al. Sometimes naming names focuses people and helps them to revisit and rethink first impressions.

    I look forward to reading more from you.


  2. Bernie is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    • And his followers are sheep willing to be slaughtered.

  3. Yup.

  4. Dr. Konia, do you see any biophysical connection, that radical leftist are acting mostly from their perverted secondary layer of the characterstruture, and in Islam it is a mostly a religious law, to lve from the secondary layer, so between radical left politics in Europe and Islamization.

    I am not so interested in analysing the surface, but only its function, there must be a common biological superimposition, or a common biophysical deeper process within left politics and Islam in Europe.

    • I am sorry, it has to be called

      Secondary destructive layer and not secondary perverted layer.

      Perversion ist always destructive, but destructive Ness, can come to the surface also in other forms of behaviour

      • You’re right. But I use the word destructive, not perverted.

    • At the political extremes, there is no difference in the people on the left and right. It’s total secondary layer ideology and behavior. Remember how at the end of the second World War many Nazi’s became Communists and part of the Soviet regime.

      • Thank you for your answer.

        It is absolutely true, what you are writing, in Germany we have many former radical political leftist, who are now supporters of the so called “new conservatives”.

        As I am a real conservative, the former CDU In Germany in my perception has transfomred into a left-wing party, concerning the radical political leftist in the New Conservative Party AFD (they have not the majority in this party), their behaviour feels somehow unnatural to me, as in the depth I feel the same radicalism and fanatism within them, that they had at the time they were radical political leftist, this fanatism does not fit to their surface, and to the words that they are speaking on the surface.

        If I am following this logical functional path, it might be possible, that the radical political leftist of today might shift in 20 years concerning to the increase of the Muslim population in Germany bit by bit to a form of islamic fascists.

        Is this horror vision in your opinion functionally possible Dr.Konia ?

    • Please read Chapter 13 in “Man in the Trap”. He describes the socio-political character types according to the degree that they are shifted to the left or the right of the political center. Most religious Muslims are in various degrees to the right of the political spectrum. As such they are either extreme conservatives or reactionary’s. The Islamists who want to take over the world “for Allah” are farther to the political right. They are Black Fascists on the extreme right no different that the Red Fascists or Communists/Socialists on the extreme left who want to do the same “for the People”.

      • Thank you, I will re-read Chapter 13 of “Man in the Trap”, I never read books by Reich and Baker to memorize them only in my head, but to learn and to understand.

        But I have two questions for you:

        First Question:

        I know the facts, that you are mentioning in your answer quite well, the political orientation of a person is anchored in his character structure, not in the depth, it does not come from the biological core, but it is part of the character structure.
        If I we may have for example a masochistic character, depending on the family and environment in which he grew up, on which he reacted biologically as a child and adolescent, he might become a political conservative, or a leftist, or a liberal.
        Am I correct ?
        Or do I have to understand the sociopolitical character structures as independent complete characterstructures?

        Second Question:

        If a black fascist became a Red Fascist in Germany after World War II in 1947, then he does so because of a biological adaptation to his environment, but much can not have changed, this is what you correctly described in your answer, because the character structure represents the behaviour, that is expressed from the emotional armor of a person – the emotional armor in my perception is biophysical very immobile, this is what is its function, it can give security but at the same time it is a cage, that makes a person absolutely emotional immobile and afraid of emotional movement.

        Does this process shiftin from a Black Fascist to a Red Fascist really change biologically, somatically anything within the person ?

        Maybe I can answer my questions by reading “Man in the trap” by myself, but I would be very interested in your answer from your perception from your medical practice.

        Thank you.

      • Answer to your first question:

        Individual and socio-political character structures are independent. Any individual can be any socio-political character type.

        Answer to second question:

        Black Fascists and Red Fascists operate from their secondary destructive layers. Their social destructiveness is indistinguishable.

      • Thank you, Dr.Konia.

        To your first answer:

        This is, what I meant, so I got it right.

        To your second answer:

        You are right, there is no differences in the destructiveness of a red fascist and a black fascist.
        I wonder only in what biological circumstances a black fascist turns into a red fascist or a red fascist into a black fascist.

        In Germany, for example, we had people, who sympathized in the 70s with the left-wing terrorist group RAF, these people became later in the 90s activists in the far-right Neonazi party NPD.

        Could you explain this shift – I know, that the destructive behaviour is juts the same ?

      • The emotional plague has a life of its own. As long as it is not recognized as a malignant disease of armored humans it will find a way to express itself. The only way that I know how to contain it is for people to recognize its destructiveness as an endemic disease that is present in everyone. It’s a matter of people having contact with the disease and it’s operation.

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