Free-Floating Guilt Leads to Political Activism

 Neurotic guilt originates from the perception of biological energy bound in armored muscles. Christianity’s solution to the problem of human guilt was discussed earlier. How this guilt is manifested outwardly depends on people’s degree of contact with their biological core. This, in turn, is related to the type of society in which he or she lives. In the past authoritarian social order, Americans in general had less ocular armor and more muscular armor than they do today. As a result, people were in better contact with themselves and able to experience personal feelings of guilt as coming from within. With the help of religion, their feelings of guilt were resolved largely through their religion. Contact with their biological core provided Americans with a relationship with God, a sense of contentment and belonging and a love of their country.

     People in today’s irreligious, anti-authoritarian society generally have less muscular armor combined with more ocular armor and less contact with their biological core than In the past. With less muscular armor, and no religion to provide emotional comfort, people’s guilt becomes free-floating. Less in touch with their biological depths and with the inner source of their personal problems and having a chronic sense of being guilt-ridden, people today look for external causes for their personal problems and are likely to blame sources in society. Chronically dissatisfied with their personal lives, they find fault with America and often turn to political action for solutions and for emotional relief.

Plague-ridden politicians and the left leaning media combine to focus the attention of these young people by supplying them with the motivation for political action centered around blaming America. This provides relief of free-floating guilt and, at the same time, brings closer to achieving the sought after leftist radical goal of establishing a socialist society in America.


  1. You speak, in a sense, about “the function of religion”. Now, when I look around me I get the impression that, well, “everyone” has become a kind of “Buddhist” these days, and all speak about their “spirituality” (whatever that means). Obviously these teachings (?) do not function well to process guilt. Why? And what is about Eastern societies like, say, Sri Lanka where its more than a liberal “trend”? What is the difference between Catholicism/Protestantism (= Augustine) and Orthodoxy? Judaism? Islam, Shia, Sunni? – This is hardly a purely academic question if we look to Iran right now.

    • In my perception Dr. Konia meant not “all religions”, Reich book analysis Es the words of Christ, in “Murder of Christ”.
      Concerning Islam, Reich wrote only a bit in his book “The sexual revolution”, about his r time in Aserbaidschan, where he described, that by banning Islam by law, women bacame again human beeinfs with a free will.

      One canot mix it all up, like one cannot mix up the German party AFD with Donald Trump., there is a different biological function behind.
      One has to differentiate, Wilhelm Reicheich has been always analysing the biological function of the surface and the secondary structure, but not both themselved, psychoanalysis does analyse the surface and a part of the secondary structure, where it gets hung up, that ‘s why it does not work.
      In my Perception Reich had deep biological contact.

      For example, concerning Religion:

      The Shia of the Persians is in my perception a desperate attempt to differentiate themselves from the historical rape by the Muslim Arabs and to process the trauma.
      It is an escape from the biological core, as Persians are historically, from their biological core for example friends of the Jews and natural allies of Israel, I recall the liberation of Jews by the Persians from the Babylonian captivity and the close political and military cooperation between Iran under the Shah of Persia and Israel.
      Some Israelis today still have their respect for the Shah of Persia.
      One should touch the Persians in the biological core, Islam is not naturally Persian.
      But there is, a certain big fear to get in touch with the deep anxiety before coming to the biological core.
      Maybe Dr. Konia knows a solution.
      Mass orgonetherapy unfortunately will never happen, the fear and anxieties are to deep.
      Selfregulation is a contradiction to rape and in my perception orgonomy is not “activism”, it is a serious science.

  2. You are right, Dr.Konia.
    I am not a Freudian, but Wilhelm Reich was the best student of Sigmund Freud and even Freud already said that the basis of most altruism is a feeling of guilt.
    Unfortunately we have a problem in Germany.
    I’m not an expert of the US, but to my knowledge the US was also built by the pilgram fathers who were strong beiefers, there are not so many members of a Catholic or Protestant state church in the US, Th Pilgram fathers wre proud for there individuality and their personal freedom,that they were not memebers of the state churches, that might be the raeson, why the emigrated from Europe, they wre searching for freedom and a haappier life, Europe for their feeling was to “tight”.
    There are many newborn christians and Christians are more conservative in the US.
    In Germany, there are mostly two state churches, and their members, since they have lost biological core contact, are leftist political activists, even the minority of newborn christians is partially political left.
    We have also a big problem with Islamization in Germany.
    In the United States there are two Muslim women in the congress from the democratic party, their aggressive kind of behavior belongs in Germany in the cities unfortunately nowadays to everyday life on the streets.
    In Islam, a person is asked to perform all religious acts from the secondary layer of the character structure.
    So Mulsims have no more biological core contact than most Germans, so it is no problem for the Germans that Jews are violently attacked on the streets in Germany again, mostly by Muslim youth or Muslim young men.
    The Germans also are afraid of freedom, so they have a much too large state social system that should give security, but functionally restricts the free economy and freedom and responsibility of the individual citizen.
    inSce muslims have also a deep fear or even hate of individual freedom and have a disturbed work function, many of them receive state social funds in Germany, ie the islamization of Germany runs functionally deep over or with fear and destroys state and society, freedom will eventually be completely restricted in the future by this process, we already have no more freedom of opinion or of free speech in Germany.
    We now have the problem that, for reasons stated above, some Germans irrationally argue that Islam is a gift, because it teaches us how important religion is.
    So, Man in the trap, as Elsworth Baker would say.
    There is no political and no religious solution in Germany.

    The newborn Christan in the US say, Chistianity is a relationship not a religion, I did not convert, but I was newborn, like it is written in the chapter of John in the gospel.

    This statement is an indication of biological core contact or the expressiion of a deep desire for biological biological core contact.
    It is an absolute difference to the Statements of the state churches in Germany, as they support the emotional plague.

    In Germany, also the people who are interested in Wilhelm Recih, whether left body psychotherapists or people who are interested in orgonomy, have lost the biological core contact, or they never had it.
    They all believe (and one has to believe irrationally) that there is a political solution, they are all politically active.
    Wilhelm Reich was never a political activist nor a political scientist.
    Reich has perfectly analyzed the function of politics, BIOLOGICAL.
    Politics is the acting out of the biology of the political actors, they are acting out their biology with politics, since political activism is always a escape from the biological core, it is not a solution, and therefore politics is also mostly so irrational, the few times, if it is rational, it becomes mostly disfigured irrationally by “compromises”.

    What you described is very perfect, Dr. Konia, the Garmans can no longer bind their guilt feelings even about the Holocaust, because they have also lost the emotional core contact, it leads to emotional blackmail (Emotionale Erpressung) by the Muslims and the asylum fraudsters, the Germans irrationally expect a solution for their guilty feelings, but functionally in REALITY everything gets worse. (fraud and blackmail are often functionally connected)
    The fundamental fear of freedom that exists in Germany leads to more and more irrational control, even if it is incompatible with the established laws.
    It is the functional basis of denunciation, which was always very strong in Germany.

    So, Man in the trap in Germany.
    Germany has to come back to the functional laws and principles of life, but it does not want to work with activi.
    In my perception, at first It is a question of whether you feel your fears and anxiety or not, and whether you run away from them or not.

    • So, now it works.
      First, I had written, that I apoligize for a lots of typos in my text above, I hope you can read it.
      Second, I had written, that the problem of escaping to “security”, that means, escaping from yourself and biological core contact is not new in the history of mankind, Reich had written about this also.
      This irrational process deconstructed whole societies.

      Third, I had written, that Dr. Konia”s analysis above is quite true and it may be the analysation and description of the functional biological basis of the mass psychology of fascism of the 21 century.

  3. Dr. Konia, I had sent a second short comment for saying sorry for a lots of typos in my comment above, but I do not see it now, I posted it for that reason twice.

  4. Fourth, I had written, that the, quote below is quite true, but it is not written for irrational “freedom seekers”, who want freedom without responsibility which will lead to some form of anarchy and chaos.
    In Germany “religious freedom” is set upon the individual freedom rights AND individual responsibility, so if this irrational process will go on, it will destroy also economy and the democratic state in Germany as a whole.

    Dr. Konia in my perception your last two articles belong functionally together, this is why I posted the quote above here.

  5. Dear Dr. Konia,
    I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I appreciate the many posts you have made over the past several weeks and to thank you for them. They always help me clarify what the real issues are. Particularly with an election not that far off, and things seeming like they are heating up and getting more and more disturbing almost by the day, this feels a particularly important time to have someone with your understanding and clarity help the world us stay focused on the real issues. I always read them, benefit from them, and often forward them to others. Thank you again.
    Lexi Packer

    • You’re welcome.

  6. If I read it correctly In CHARACTER ANALYSIS Reich writes (incestuous, oedipal) guilt feelings preclude the unification of sensual and affectionate strivings, a unification which constitutes genitality. Can one, therefore, say that guilt feelings block the fusion of politics and love for the father/motherland, e.g., in the anti-Trump protestor who fights “nationalism”. In THE MASSPSYCHOLOGY OF FASCISM Reich hints at the oedipal background of the love for the Vaterland und Mutter Germania, here, on the right, this love blocks politics, while on the left politics blocks the “love”. Both blockings hinder the formation of a truly (work) democratic nation because of the guilt producing oedipal (neurotic) conflict, which is at the basis of any armoring even of social armoring.

    Is this formulation correct or do I simply play with words in a mechanical way?

    • Dear Peter,

      “MASSPSYCHOLOGY” was written before the anti-authoritarian transformation occurred. The absence of muscular armor and the increase of ocular armor and the lack of religion in peoples lives today are the reasons for the rise in the political activity of the guilt-ridden masses of young people. We don’t have to go into the psychological factors which are different today compared to the way things we’re in the past authoritarian era.

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