The Power Behind the Left’s Political Ideology

Political ideology is a powerful social force. In today’s anti-authoritarian social order the ideology of the public mainstream is far to the political left of center. The source of the power behind the far-left’s ideological battle to destroy the authority of President Trump and his campaign comes from their ability to tap into this left-centered mind-set of the public by casting doubt in them about every one of his political ideas and policies.

For their part, the left-centered public mainstream has little or no contact with emotions originating from it’s biological core. Because of this emotional cluelessness, all they have remaining for guidance and orientation in life is through the development of their intellectual powers. However, this deficit allows them to give equal credence to every one of the leftist media’s attacks on Trump in the name of fairness. It also allows them to be easy prey of the far-left ideologues and be taken in by their ideologically based attacks.


  1. Thank you Dr Konia. The far left appears to be getting more angriy at “Father” Trump by the day. It’s seems to be evolving into a murderous rage, which will stop at nothing to unseat him. Curious where you see this all heading? Some sort of compromise between the two opposing views, or increased social unrest & civil strife as we head in the 2020 election? I hope for the former, but fear the latter.

    • Dear Elliott,
      Unfortunately, the two-party system of American politics, which was a form of social armor, no longer exists to maintain social stability. It’s degeneration into a multi-party, European-style system will further degenerate into smaller political groups. It will continue until people finally realize that politics as it is currently practiced is not the answer to their personal and social problems, hopefully before it is too late for society as we know it to survive.

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