The Function of the U.S. Constitution

The following excerpt is from my forthcoming book, “Clueless”

“The U.S. Constitution was written in 1787 by some of the finest minds that the world had to offer. It’s function was to protect the life of the American people against the destructive forces contained within them. Thus, even without knowledge of human armor,the writers were aware of the existence and the destructive consequences of the emotional plague. It was expected that future generations would retain and develop it’s fundamental principles when new understanding of human life became available.

However, the required knowledge of biological functions was not forthcoming until almost 200 years later with the sciences of biological and social orgonomy. Meanwhile, the gap in the Constitution’s understanding of human life functioned as a block. It’s interpretation and the meaning of it’s wisdom were placed in the hands of the general public. Based on differences in their character structure, their perspectives differed. Today, people still continue to be divided about the interpretation of the document when problems of governance arise that need to be settled. On one hand are the Originalists who interpret the Constitution verbatim as stable from the time of it’s enactment. On the other, are those who view it as a flexible document that can be interpreted differently depending on the whims of the individual and on social circumstances.

Now, for the first time in it’s history, the Constitution and the amendments to it in the Bill of Rights can be understood functionally from the perspective of social orgonomy (see chapter 3) Applying this knowledge to the Constitution helps to provide the document with a unified, natural scientific basis for governance.”


  1. This new blog is a fitting rebuttal to my Facebook Note, “The US Bill of Rights—in ghetto slang,” published not many years ago…

    Your 2008 “The Emotional Plague” won praise from no less than three different law enforcement industry journals.
    I also own a copy of your 2010, “Neither Left nor Right,” in storage presently but nonetheless.

    I will be looking for your new book, “Clueless,” upon its publication. At face value, my first criticism would be that to find a clue, one needs insight. I suppose the orgonomic argument would be that to acquire insight, one needs emotional contactfulness with organ sensations. I’ll have to read the book to see what tip you’re on.

    Thanks for paying it forward!

    • You are correct. In “Clueless” I discuss the source of people’s cluelessness resulting from the presence of ocular armor of which lack of insight is an important manifestation.

  2. How does the American constitution compare with other constitutions, such as those of France, Switzerland, or Germany? Are any of them better in terms of protection of basic rights and fundamental values?

    • These are important questions. I know nothing about these other Constitutions but I think just as important is the ability of people living in those countries to function freely and responsibly in their lives. The Constitution can only be as good as the emotional health of the people living in those countries.

  3. The red fascist Left is using the FDA again to quench dissent!

    • Thank you

  4. The organized emotional plague against Trump. The very same deep state (“hoodlums in government”, Communists and big industry) which already destroyed Reich:

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