The Destructiveness of Politicizing.

As more and more people are leaving churches, politics today is replacing religion as young people’s ever increasing need for mystical solutions to their personal problems. However, politicizing is far more socially destructive than religion. In effect, it misdirects people’s emotional problems onto social and political group issues such as racism, feminism etc. Providing them with the illusion that they are accomplishing something positive, it actually polarizes people and exacerbates social and political unrest.

On a personal level, politicizing originates from people’s ocular armor giving rise to distorted, idealistic thinking about the way the world should be according to their view. It renders people more clueless than ever about what is actually happening to them in their world.

On a social level, it is a highly destructive expression of the emotional plague in today’s anti-authoritarian society.



  1. Dr Konia
    I came across a short 7 minute video in which the person being interviewed briefly touched upon the destructiveness of partisan politics as well of other topics related to the study of Civics. Neither Left Nor Right came to mind as I listened to what he had to say and thought you might like watch it. Here is the link

    • Thank you for the link.

      Dr. Konia

    • Thank you

  2. As David Horowitz points out, Leftists (“Democrats”, i.e., Communists) are missionaries:

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