President Trump Vs the Emotional Plague: Round One

Everyone has character armor through which the individual relates to the world. It is important to know a person’s character structure particularly if he happens to be a political leader. Identification of the politician’s individual and socio-political character tells us how well he is fit to function at his job.

What we know about President Trump’s character as a father, successful businessman, presidential candidate and the first days of his presidency, tells us that he is a high energy, phallic narcissistic character with an oral unsatisfied block. From the perspective of socio-politics, he is a conservative belonging on the political right. As such, he is authoritarian and, unlike his predecessor, openly in charge of his aggression. A product of the old authoritarian social order, Trump has a sense of the absolute distinction between right and wrong. Additionally, we know that he loves his country indicating that he has a degree of contact with his biological core and that, therefore, his “heart is in the right place” regarding his job qualifications as president.

These basic traits are sufficient to explain how he will function as president. Largely because of his high energy level and his experiences in business, he attempts to overcome the armored trappings of partisan politics by forcefully overriding them. Unfortunately, because of his impatience and his oral unsatisfied block – he brags, is over talkative and exaggerates – he gives people the false impression that he is unstable and opens himself to ridicule.

However, what really drives his leftist opponents crazy is that he is overtly aggressive to the point of being contentious and is shamelessly authoritarian. For example, he deals with the terrorist problem by declaring a ban on all Muslims from entering the United States; he deals with the immigration problem by announcing that he will build a wall between America and Mexico; he is outspokenly pro-American, etc.

A central feature of leftist ideology is their hatred of open aggression and their fear of genuine authority. In leftists, these natural human functions are repressed by a new layer of social armor, the relative morality of political correctness. The undischarged hatred contained in the leftist’s armor is redirected at anyone who claims to be a real authority. Unknown to Trump, this is the emotional plague that is out to destroy him and the authority of the executive office that he stands for. Even without knowledge of the plague, however, Trump seems to have a sense of the plague. This is recognizable in his forceful opposition to leftist attacks from the media.


  1. During President Trump’s speeches or his most recent press conference, I wish there was a “functional” language translator standing next to him (similar to having a person “signing” what he is saying for the hearing impaired). A “functional language simultaneous translator” at his most recent press conference would have many “teaching moments” that may have attracted some of the public to functional concepts like “neither left nor right” and rational authority vs anti-authority.

    It could have been pointed out that the President’s annoyance and anger at most of the questions were due to their anti-authoritarian slant. He stated that he could tell when the media was telling the truth or not. I think what he meant was that he has a gut feel for when the media is performing their job with journalistic integrity or when they are acting as advocates for anti-authoritarianism. Trump’s mantra of the “lying media” is as much about anti-authoritarian slant as it is about outright lies.

    An interesting video project for the ACO could be to take part or all of Trump’s most recent press conference and provide a functional perspective of the key elements in it The video could then be posted on the ACO website and on YouTube.

  2. Thank you for your helpful comments. I will bring up your suggestion for a video project with the social orgonomy committee .

  3. A clear exposition of the emotional plague against Trump:

    • Many thanks

      Dr. Konia

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