The Political Advantages of the Left

The following are some of the advantages of the political left in today’s world:
1) All public interactions take place on the social surface and leftist’s are able to operate successfully from that layer of their bio-psychic apparatus.
2) Because today’s society is anti-authoritarian, the political mainstream has shifted far to the left. Partisan battles involving social issues are often fought between political opponents who belong in varying degrees on the political left and therefore, espouse different degrees of the same basic socialistic ideas.
3) The shift of the political mainstream to the far left has legitimized the radical left in politics. Now called “progressives” or “socialists,” these radicals, in full view of a clueless public, are able run as candidates in the Democratic Party in the 2016 election for the office of president of the United States and include the current President himself.
4) Arriving at decisions collectively is comfortable for leftists. When it comes to politics, they are herd animals and behave as a group at election time. As long as they are being taken care of collectively by their leaders there is little effort involved in just going along with the tide of the mainstream left’s welfarist thinking. By being politically mindless and taking the easy way out, they can maintain their self-complacency, avoid looking at the degradation in the world and still believe in their political claptrap.
5) For the same reason, leftists cannot learn anything from the past. In the September 2016 Issue of the New Criterion, Gary Saul Morson writes: “Our knowledge of Bolshevik horrors expanded dramatically when, after the fall of the Soviet Union, its archives were opened. Jonathan Brent and Yale University Press brought out volume after volume of chilling documents, but public opinion did not noticeably change. How many readers of The New York Times know about its role in covering up the worst of Stalin’s crimes and earning a Pulitzer Prize (still unreturned) for doing so?
I understand being so carried away by Communist ideals that one denies or justifies millions of deaths. What amazes me is that people and publications who have done so still feel entitled to criticize others from a position of moral superiority.”

The reason that the author of this article is amazed about the leftists behavior of moral superiority is that he lacks an understanding of Dr. Elsworth Baker’s discovery of socio-political characterology first published in chapter 13 in his book, “Man in the Trap.”.


  1. Nowadays the social analysis of progressive media is completely hopeless because it validates and even encourages gross neurotic behavior on the public scene. Meanwhile time and again I am flabbergasted how almost orgonomic current conservatives think. Just look at this fascinating analysis of Colin Kaepernick’s treasonous antics:

    Instead of dealing with his personal issues, he’s validated an evil movement (Black Lives Matter) founded on lies and led by radical homosexuals, lesbians, anarchists and communists.

    There is much moralistic blablabla on the left but they never ever touch the emotional plague and its breeding ground, dysfunctional families, as the linked article does. Dysfunctional, to a great extent due to socialist social policies and reckless freedom peddling.

    Without Drs. Baker and Konia orgonomy would have been taken over by pseudo-liberals (Red Fascists!), completely. “Orgonomic” social analysis would have become meaningless, and actually part of the emotional plague agenda of the left. Both men saved orgonomy. Thank you, Dr. Konia!

    • you’re welcome.

    • It is not just the left that can’t touch the emotional plague, most conservatives do not have what it takes to truly fight this battle. Until some functional thinkers with a warrior like character structure come along (i.e. ones who can handle the attacks that will surely come and have the appropriate functional strategies to defuse them), the strength of the concepts of orgonomy in the social realm will not be realized and used to help effect rational and life positive social change.

      Reich and Baker wrote on a few occasions that armored conservatives at least had a chance to remain decent. The transformation in the west to anti-authoritarin society means that decency alone will not mean much in the social realm in stopping the plague. More and more “liberals” who were raised in the 50 and 60’s are swicthing teams and becoming more socially conservative. As Dr Konia points out this is rational in the time of societal degradation.

      It is hard to be patient while viewing the current problems at hand with regards to the emergence of the emotional plague. But it is important to remember that the EP has been with humankind since chronic armor came on the scene before written history. These concepts are brand new and hopefully can be put to good use in the not too distant future. If and how that can come about remains to be seen. The EP has a big head start and the safeguarding of the science of orgonomy (thanks to just a few people as you stated so well) will provide the roadmap. But I have had to learn to be more patient (as painful as that can be somtimes) because there is a lot of catching up to do!!

  2. The truly tragic part of the predominantly “unconscious” acceptance of the communist model world wide over the last 100 years is that, as the decades pass, each new generation drifts further from any concept of the relationship between the individual’s capacity for natural living from a biological-emotional perspective and the social agreements that influence their social functioning.

    • What you accurately describ is the leftward socio-political red shift resulting from the anti-authoritarian transformation of our society.

  3. Interesting interview because it shows how true conservatives see the essential: the basic difference between liberals and pseudo-liberals and that the later are nothing but Communists. It also highlights the basic connection between what Reich experienced at his time in the 1950s and what is happening today. Today Reich’s worst nightmares about Red Fascism in America materialize:

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