Apropos of Donald Trump

Individual and socio-political character are the primary determinants of an individual’s, including politician’s, thinking and behavior. For example, is presidential candidate, Donald Trump simply a shrewd, controlling bully in full charge of himself regarding his bid for the presidency or is he just a loose cannon and a blowhard? This distinction depends on whether he is simply a phallic narcissistic character with an oral unsatisfied block, a manic depressive (“bi-polar”) character or a sociopathic character.

In the first case his judgment would be intact and would not detrimentally affect his job as president. In the second and third cases he would be a disaster. We need to know more about his decision making process and his past history in order to determine his capacity for good judgement.


  1. What a refreshing and meaningful take on a most important subject. This type of posting is of crucial importance to every American.
    I have struggled in my assessment of whether Trump would be better than the rest. I appreciate knowing that there is a rational way to put in its proper perspective his erratic performance to date as a candidate. From the surface, it is hard to tell how he will function as President. Researching and making a decent inventory of his decision making process would shed some light on this subject.
    With some great luck, a “functional leaning” journalist will do the research necessary to inform the citizens.

    • Yes. That would be a good project for an investigative reporter.

  2. Dear Konia,
    I’m wondering how/if there is a way we, as voters, might be able to learn more about his decision making process in order to determine his capacity for good judgment? Thank you for helping put into words one of things that has troubled me about his candidacy.

    • Dear Ms. Packer

      You’re welcome. I recommend reading chapter 13 in “Man in the Trap”by Elsworth Baker, M.D. as an introduction to socio-political characterology. Also, the American College of Orgonomy will be giving a course in social orgonomy this fall for people who are interested.
      Dr. Konia

      • Dear Dr. Konia,
        Thank you for your suggestion. If you have the time I’d appreciate your further thoughts. I have re-read the chapter you suggested and still feel quite confused. I am thinking that Donald Trump falls into what Dr. Baker describes as a more conservative character, socio-politically speaking. I’m also thinking that, at least at this time in our nation, with the breakdown of the family as severe as it is, we are better off with someone on the conservative side, as long as they aren’t too far to the right. Having said that, aren’t we “best off” with the healthiest individual character type, whether or not he or she tends to be left or right of center? I’m thinking that maybe the degree to which a candidate is sick, in terms of an individual character diagnosis, is more important than whether or not he/she is left or right center? Am I seriously off base here? If I’m not off base, isn’t this something only a qualified orgonomist can help us determine?

      • Dear Ms. Packer,

        You’re right from a socio-political standpoint, Trump is a conservative. He even says so himself. And you are right that, considering what the Democratic Party has to offer, America is better off with someone like Trump.

  3. From the beginning of the campaign Trump reminded me of Theodore Roosevelt. Trump is a real American not a displaced European weakling! Look at this as an example:

    Interestingly Theodore was probably bi-polar (http://www2.nami.org/template_eoy.cfm?Section=not_alone&template=/ContentManagement/ContentDisplay.cfm&ContentID=146696).

  4. In reviewing Baker’s “Man in the Trap” Trump does not show any major signs of a manic-depressive: volatile, unstable, wide mood swings, unable to persist at one task and poor judgment. Some minor flaws-such as what he accused of-of being pushy, boisterous, and loud would make him more of a phallic narcissist character. One also must remember that he is an old-fashioned New Yorker whose demeanor is influenced by the Jewish and Italian tendency to be more direct and confrontational; this certainly makes for a better leader than one who is timid or affect-blocked. Trump has been in the public eye for more than three decades, and I’m not aware of any “erratic” or manic behavior on his part. On the contrary, he is a very successful businessman who would not be a (long-standing) billionaire if he were impulsive or volatile; he also has a committed family relationship with his wife and children further showing his stability. I think there is ample evidence in his behavior to rule out gross danger (as was the case with Obama).
    As a socio-political type, Trump is a conservative where he is more in touch with his core feelings and less in need of covering his secondary layer with a “superficial niceness”. He is not taking the easy road where he wants to like everyone, but has the courage to take the unpopular route of being a discriminative thinker in pointing out the dangers to our lives and democracy (i.e., jihad, crime, illegal economic tampering), so he is vilified by the establishment (anti-authoritive that is) and thus by contagion, many of the people.
    One hopes that if he makes it to the run-off with Clinton, he is somewhat aware of depth and social characterlogy, in that he would be able to use its knowledge in persuading the populace who is out of favor with him–but in fact would be best served by him–such as: female Muslims, youth who are mixed-up sexually, and hard working Blacks who are tired of the race war in current vogue).

    • I hope you are right that he is simply a phallic narcissistic character with an oral unsatisfied block.

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