Apropos of Climate Change

The climate is always changing. To say that the climate is changing is one thing. To say that it is changing because of human activity is another. To say that the climate is changing because humans are using fossil fuels is still another. To say that the use of fossil fuels by humans is causing climate change and causing global warming is yet another. Scientists and leftist ideologues often confuse them so that they can blame human activity as the culprit behind climate change. Mechanistic scientists and political ideologues cannot tolerate spontaneous changes in nature because they have no way to explain them according to their ways of thinking. Therefore, they try to immobilize nature in their minds according to their computer models to fit into their preconceived mathematical views of how nature should function. These models say more about the mechanistic scientist and politician than about nature that they seem to be trying to understand.
Moreover, generating confusion about the climate by saying that it is due to human activity is a tactic of the emotional plague character. The effect is to paralyze people’s work function and the economy.
It is first important to understand the effect of the emotional plague character’s destructiveness on the planet before we can think about the relationship between human activity and the climate. At present, there is no conclusive proof that the changes that are occurring in the climate are due to humans using fossil fuels.

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  1. There is a third possibility: That climate is changing because of oranur due to human use of nuclear technology. Modern science cannot come to that conclusion because they are not aware of Reich’s fdindings about how the atmospheric life energy reacts to irritation by radioactivity, but the people who know of Reich and his work should recoignize the symptoms of oranur excitation in the atmospheric events that are being ascribed to CO2 emissions by mechanistic scientists who cannot think of any othger explanation than the incorrect greenhouse theory.

    Reich predicted exactly what is happening today. The climate is indeed changing. But it is not getting warmer. And it is not getting colder. It is not getting wetter. And it is not getting drier. It is going to extremes. It is getting warmer and colder and wetter and drier all at the same time. It is getting more random and chaotic, less reliable and predictable. These are all symptoms of oranur,. just as a sick person can have both chills and fever.

    The problem is caused by humans, but not by combustion of coal and oil. It is being caused by the commonplace use of radioactivity in numerous applications all over the world. It is being caused by nuclear power stations, nuclear-powered ships, stockpiles of nuclear weapons, and widespread use of nuclear isotopes in hospitals and laboratories and industries. The atmospheric life energy is being poisoned to death by radioactivity, not heated up by CO2. And nobody but the vanishingly small number of Reichians is in a position to undserstand what is happening.

    What I do not understand is why so far, no Reichian has published anything on this subject. It ties in precisely with what Reich was most concerned about in his last years. Why do the current crop of his followers not make an effort to explain to the public that there is another possible explanation for manmade climate catastrophe besides the untenable greenhouse gases theory? Why are so many Reichians afraid to touch the oranur issue?

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