Sexual Role Reversals in Anti-authoritarian Society

The morality of the past authoritarian society was based on the absolute distinction of right and wrong. The morality of today’s anti-authoritarian society is relative to social conditions. What is right and wrong for one person is not the same for everyone.This is the morality of political correctness.
Based on the morality of politically correctness that is endemic in our anti-authoritarian society, the traditional sexual roles of men and women have been turned upside down. Spearheaded by the anti-authoritarian, “gay” movements, the role reversal was accomplished by feminizing the social roles of men and masculinizing the social roles of women.
The function of the cultural role reversal is to deny once and for all the existence of biological differences between the sexes and, by so doing, to deaden the sexual excitement between them. It is a form of psychic castration in the social realm and another manifestation of the emotional plague of armored humans.
The last step in the politically correct agenda of the leftist ideologues is to legitimize the transgender movement by eradicating the primary role played by genital heterosexuality in determining human life.


  1. There is nothing anti-authoritarian about the transgender movement. It is as authoritarian as any movement could be. It uses bullying and intimidation to enforce conformity to it’s ideology. That isa not anti-authoritarian. It is gender-based fascism. See:

    The Emperor’s New Penis – a brilliant article by Lierre Keith & Derrick Jensen – who have received death threats for these opinions on gender they so articulately express.

    • Dr. Konia answered such questions long ago:

      It is commonly believed that anti-authoritarian society means the absence of authority. In fact, the exact opposite is true. In the new social order there is authority but it tends to be concentrated in the State under centralized control. The term anti-authoritarian, and its origin, must be understood in its historical context. It refers to people’s opposition to the traditional forms of authority that existed prior to around 1960. Anti-authoritarianism is opposed to individual authority on the local level and this opposition results in centralized or collective authority. There is a corresponding decline in individual responsibility which is replaced by State responsibility represented by “Big Brother.” Anti-authoritarianism is characterized by a marked shift to the Left of the political center. It must eventually lead to increased centralized power and some form of socialist state.

      Click to access therapy_authoritarian_43_2.pdf

      As to anarchism: If I understand Dr. Konia correctly society afflicted by cancer (i.e., the masses cannot take responsibility for their own lives and communities), will reorganize itself “anti-authoritarian” on a more primitive level (“anarchism”) which automatically gives rise to an extreme form of dictatorship (“communism”). If read carefully this emotional plague dialectics of tumor formation is to be found already in the works of Marx, Engels, and Lenin.

      • Marx, Engels, and Lenin are not Anarchists. They are statists. Anarchist writers like Bakunin or Kropotkin are as against Communism as you are. Anarchism is not a stage on the way to Communism; it is a step beyond communism. Anarchists consider Communism reactionary .

      • Please read carefully Mr Nasselstein’s response to my latest blog.

      • Thank you, Peter
        Dr. Konia

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