The DSM System Of Diagnosis Cannot Work

The diagnostic system  (DSM 5) published by the American Psychiatric Association is a symptom based approach to diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders. This system is the result of the psychiatrist’s inability to see the character structure of the patient behind the symptom. From a clinical perspective,  any symptom can occur in any patient and, therefore, it is not possible to have a symptom based system of diagnosis. The whole of the patient’s character, determines the function of any symptom and a character based diagnostic system is central to treatment.


  1. Is it possible that the traditional contemporary psychiatrist would not be attracted to character analysis and the method of treatment that flows it in comparison to their “dependency” on prescribing drugs as the main form of treatment?
    I realize that it is very difficult for professionals to in a way admit that their methods are inferior to other methods but I would assume that at least a small percentage would be discouraged by having to prescribe drugs as opposed to getting at the root of the patient’s problems.
    Have there been any psychiatrists in recent years that have seen the light and been interested and genuinely attracted to the ACO and eventually trained to become medical orgone therapists?
    If not, do you think there is any hope in promoting character analysis as one of the methods that distinguishes the more advanced psychiatrist from the traditional one?

    • Yes. I think that there are a small number of people who are dissatisfied enough to be attracted to character analysis. Dr. Baker was one of those people when he was a traditional psychiatrist. The College had a booth at an APA convention several years ago. Nothing came of it. The problem is a matter of making contact with the right people.

  2. ACO trains business men. What to expect from such organization in these terms? Which Wilhelm Reich legacy is now in wrong hands.

    • Any person who is involved with working with people can benefit from an understanding of the functional principles that underlie human relationships.

  3. Dr. Konia’s observation is highlighted today as the supreme court rules on the same sex marriage act. Here is a good example of intent –
    protection of equal treatment under the law- verses result- the destruction of marriage and dismantling of the family.

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