Social Science Versus Socio-politics

Most of what is written about in sociology is really  about socio-politics, not about genuine social science.  This is because there is little understanding of sociology from a solid biological basis and,  because of this, political solutions are often injected into sociology and mistakenly offered as solutions to social problems.

Today, the Left continues to peddle it’s outworn socialistic political solutions and the Right continues to oppose them.  The public is finally getting tired of this same old dialogue between the Left and the Right.  Many want real answers to why conditions are degenerating in every area of social life and what must be done so that they can be improved.

In The Emotional Plague and in my forthcoming book, Neither Left Nor Right, I show that the reason political solutions to social problems fail is because they originate not from the source of the problem but from the character structure of armored humans.  I explain that the different ideologies of the Left and the Right are, in fact, distorted ways of thought of people belonging on the Left and the Right of the socio-political spectrum.

In order to come to terms with social problems one must first adopt an entirely new way of thinking which is neither to the left nor the right.  This is called functional thinking: thinking the way nature functions.


  1. As a young adult, I came across the concept of functional thinking while reading some of Reich’s books and was immediately attracted to the word “functional”. I took it to mean that I should do whatever I could in any situation to be of help so that “things” could run more smoothly.

    Ii brings a smile to my face to reflect upon how truly innocent, naive I was in my original interpretation.

    My attraction to the concept did stem in part from the upheaval in my social surroundings (i.e. the 1960’s) and the lack of trust I had in the irrational aspects of authoritarian rule.

    Americans have now had several decades to experience chaotic and destructive behavior in the social and political arenas that are a consequence of an immature and premature societal reaction to the irrationalities of authoritarian rule.

    The behavior of a pseudo-liberal President and his team of experts and czars are living proof.

    Americans were sold an deadly illusion (i.e. that you could tear down and transform authoritarian rule into something better without understanding and dealing with reasons why authoritarian rule existed in the first place) compliments of the pseudo-liberal movement.and their own naivete.

    Functional thinking provides a rational and effective framework from which to deal with any problem no matter how big and challenging it may be.

    I hope that more people in the near future will find this concept as attractive as I did many decades ago. Our personal freedoms may depend on it..

  2. Dear Dr. Konia,

    If I understood you correctly you argue that the confrontation between the left and the right is sharpening these days. But on the other side one might just as well argue that in today’s anti-authoritarian society the distinction between characters blur. This is, undoubtedly, true for individual character structures. From what I understand psychiatrists are saying everything gets “borderline,” so to speak. Shouldn’t, likewise, the socio-political character distinctions somewhat blur?

    • Dear Peter,
      It is true that the rise of the emotional plague in today’s anti-authoritarian society confuses people to the point that they do not know what to think. For example, many are swept up in socially irrational politically correct causes promoted by the Left. This is the result of another socially induced layer of ocular armor and is evidence that many people are emotionally far sicker today than they were in the past. Socio-political character becomes less sharp as people become brainwashed by the ideology of the political left.

  3. Just as the critical theory trouble makers found a means of creating a new layer of social armor that became entrenched over the last 60 years, it is now time using the power and knowledge of socio-political characterology to find the means to clear up the confusion created by the trouble makers.

    As I have mentioned previously, it would take very few professionally trained bio-social psychiatrists to rally the health that still remains in our society. The time is ripe, many rational people are waiting for the leadership that the bio-social psychiatrist can provide.

    The bridge is waiting to be built – the knowledge is there – it just takes a chief engineer and a small group of professionals with the dedication and clear focus on the task at hand

    • I am in complete agreement with you. We will need to start making preparations as soon as possible.

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