Telltale Signs Of Leftist Ideologues

No matter how well they try to conceal their true identity behind a facade of “objectivity”, no matter how well they rationalize their arguments, no matter how hard they try to hide their contempt for the “unenlightened,” leftist ideologues have one characteristic in common that always gives them away: They believe in the perfectibility of human beings.  Based on this belief, they are constantly driven to seek change through political action to solve people’s social problems.  This characteristic  of leftists identifies them as “progressives” and originates from a specific feature in their socio-political character structure: They all function from their superficial layer or facade and their destructive middle layer.  From the superficial  layer comes their idealism and their unshakable view that people are perfectible through political intervention. From their destructive middle layer comes their “case” for political action. From these preconceptions the ideologues believe that they are the chosen ones most qualified to improve people’s lives through their socialistic programs.  All others who are opposed to their belief system become collectively associated with the Right. Thus, the ideological battle that takes place between the Left and the Right comes down to those who want to “fix” people and those who are able to see that the methods of the left simply do not work.

Now, it is true that especially as a result of the breakdown of the authoritarian social order society is in trouble and in dire need of help.  However, these leftist ideologues are not the ones who are capable of improving social conditions because they have little or no understanding of  the biologically rooted emotional forces that play the decisive role in determining human social behavior, healthy as well as pathological.  In fact, the Leftists  are more likely than not to make matters worse with their ” solutions.”  These solutions are always basically the same: Change the surface manifestation of social problems and ignore their underlying biological basis.  The result of this symptomatic approach is that social conditions continue to worsen as they spread to and become embedded in deeper layers of social armor.


  1. Seeing Clint Eastwood’s speech I had to think of Dr. Konia’s postings: it was all so simple, came straight from the core and exposed all the emptiness and falseness of the left. Eastwood was not mean, bitter, hysterical, and contemptuous, so typical of today’s “liberal,” but simple, honest and functional. But look how mean, bitter, hysterical, and, most of all, contemptuous the “liberal” media reacts to that American icon! It’s living life versus the emotional plague. A real-life version of an epic Eastwood movie like, say, Pale Rider. This cruxification of Eastwood might be one of the most fatal mistakes of the Obama campaign. Hopefully people wake up and see the true face of evil.

  2. This is so disturbing that pelpoe are so brainwashed to believe this crap. Liberalism is, by it’s very growth, become the antithesis of belief in a G-d. Belief in oneself, as the ultimate, has killed and oppressed more pelpoe in the last century than anyone else. Liberalism lives among those because as they seek a higher power, they come up with only something flawed – a human being.Liberal Jews are no different because to them, their liberalism trumps their Judaism.

    • There is a way to understand and address the problem of liberalism in a natural scientific, not political way. This material is contained in my latest book, Neither Left Nor Right. I hope this will be of help to you.

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