The Left Has The Advantage In Politics

The political battle between the Left and the Right is not being played-out on a level playing field and the pseudo-liberal/communist ideologues have the advantage.  This is because the Right operates strictly from the social surface obeying the rules of accepted social and political behavior while the Left pretends to play by these rules, but, in fact, does whatever it can do by any means possible to achieve its destructive political agenda. That is, he functions from his destructive secondary layer. Think of the arm twisting Obama had to do to get the ObamaCare legislation to pass through Congress.  He did this by not operating entirely from the social surface.  He appears to stay on the social surface by talking about the spirit of bi-partisanship.  But he actually acts from his destructive secondary layer by first rationalizing his political agenda as something that he himself  is convinced is best for Americans so that he can then shove it down the public’s throat.

The pseudo-liberal/communist character must act subversively and, whenever possible, break the conventional rules of political conduct.  He is allowed to get away with it because no one has any understanding of the existence of the pseudo-liberal/communist character and the enormous destruction that this character type is capable of doing.  For example, when pseudo-liberals tampered with the voting process by implementing loose voter registration requirements in the 2008 presidential election, in effect breaking the law, nothing was done to address the situation.  This subversive behavior of the Left is strongly defended.  It is ignored by the leftist dominated media.  When someone attempts to expose the full extent of the Left’s destructive extremism, the person is accused of being an extremist himself. Unfortunately, the Right is ill-equipped and too decent to oppose the Left’s crafty underhandedness.


  1. There are exceptions to the “right” being ill-quipped.

    Allan West and many others have began to identify the existence of the pseudo-liberal movement. As Reich so eloquently wrote in the appendix of the Murder Of Crist on truth and counter-truth “People in distress sense the truth and will come to you if you wait patiently and give them an opportunity to mature up to what they need”

    A lot of significant Americans of substance are in distress and sense some degree of the truth with regards to the Obama presidency and the pseudo-liberal nature of both he and his “team”.

    There are crucial times when the average citizen awakens under these conditions and the opportunity for rational and productive action against life threatening bio-social dysfunction (i.e the emotional plague activity of the pseudo-liberal movement) appears.

    This may be one of those times.

    It is helpful to remember that the pseudo-liberal movement operates like a one trick pony.

    Very early in their existence the founders of the movement found the one trick that would work in destroying the rational core function that was implied in the free market economy in the U.S. The grain of truth that they found that allowed them to infiltrate the upper echelons of American institutions was that the free market didn’t function “perfectly”. Their brilliant “one trick pony” insight was Critical theory.

    All the degradation that has followed over the last 60 years emanates from that one trick.

    As this becomes public knowledge there will be a ray of hope.

  2. Here what the pseudo-liberal ideology does to a country – and all close their eyes and fight the disastrous consequences with even more pseudo-liberalism:

  3. Dr. Konia wrote: “The pseudo-liberal/communist character must act subversively and, whenever possible, break the conventional rules of political conduct.”

    Here the illustration:

    In the past, Democrats have kept a low profile during the GOP nominating convention, and when the Democrat Party held its convention, the GOP would similarly remain respectfully at a distance. This was, of course, a gentlemen’s agreement, each civilly allowing the other to have their moment in the spotlight.

    “Traditionally, there was a kind of courtesy extended to the party having the convention — the [other] party would basically stay out of the public eye,” Ross Baker, political scientist at Rutgers University told The Hill.

    But not this time. This year Obama is about to embark on a series of visits to Florida during the GOP convention despite the civil comportment of past candidates on both sides. This is a break from protocol that has existed for decades and proves that Obama is really running a gutter campaign.

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