Is Obama Really A Socialist?

In his article, Obama the Socialist? Not Even Close (New York Times, July 12 2012), Academy Awards winner Milos Forman compares Barack Obama’s political agenda with the Soviet Socialist system and concludes that the president cannot be a socialist because his policies are nothing like those of former Communist countries.

What Mr. Forman doesn’t recognize is that socialism is a process of social degradation. He is comparing America with Soviet Socialism. These social systems represent two different stages in this degenerative process and this is why they appear to be different: America is in the early stages of degeneration and the Soviet system was in the end stage. He hears the word “socialist” being passed around by people like Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and others. If these people made this distinction between different stages in social degeneration then their describing Obama as a socialist would be more convincing.

To follow up on the musical analogy in Mr. Forman’s article, it would be more accurate to describe Mr. Obama as the Pied Piper who is playing his tune and leading a gullible America down the path of social degeneration into socialism.


  1. Suggesting the president is purposefully trying to ruin America is even crazier than calling him a socialist.

    • What is not being suggested is conscious intent. What is being stated is the effect of obama’s socio-political behavior.

      • You might want to change your Pied Piper metaphor.

      • In the Pied Piper metaphor, the damage is done not only by the piper. He could do nothing if it were not for the masses of mesmerize people who are the blind followers.

      • The Pied Piper intentionally mesmerized and led the rats away. If you want to paint the president as a leader who doesn’t understand the consequences of his behavior, I suggest invoking the story of King Midas.

      • Thanks for the correction.

      • Why invoking „intention“ in the first place? Obama has, due to his pseudo-liberal, communist character structure a compulsion to destroy America. It’s like the compulsion of a child molester. It’s irrelevant whether he has the “intention” to hurt children – he simply does so. It’s similar to the fascist Gandhi who had all the good “intentions” but, due to his irrational introduction of mysticism into Indian politics, was responsible for the civil war, i.e., the partition of India. The same with Obama and his “europezation” of America.

      • I agree with Peter. Dear Dr. Konia I found your analogy as quite relevant and great. In my point of view, the main thing is the effect upon society not the (conscious or unconscious) intention of pseudo-liberal Obama. Let me remind you a passage from Eden’s critique on irrational and mystic Constable when Eden was referring to Constable’s activism and revolutionary (e.g. fascist’s) calls to youth (simply replace here the “youth” and “elder” with “have nots” and “haves”): “This song of the Grand Enchanter is the perennial theme of the revolutionary freedom-peddler pandering to youth. This time, however, the New Age scenario scenario – written by a quondam actor – is not concerned with the RATIONAL social struggle between political parasitism and all those engaged in vitally necessary work (as Reich outlined the problem). No. This newest revolutionary roll-call aims at exacerbating the antagonisms of “New Age Youth” toward Mechanistic Elders… We must, however, note the truth in this bugle-call of the Pied Piper. Rational social changes are generally affected by the younger generations. But no one is intrinsically better or worse than another simply on the basis of age! As WR noted, the single most important obstacle to rational social change is BIOPATHIC ARMORED MAN HIMSELF – be he eighteen or eighty-eight!”

      • Well, if it’s on Glenn Beck’s website, it must be true. Your use of capital letters and an exclamation point only strengthens your argument.

      • Reich’s People in Trouble (1953, p. 158f) explains why Obama is a Communist („Basic Tenets on Red Fascism, 1950“):

        1. Communism is the organized emotional plague. Forget what Obama says just look the way he behaved Chicago-style to get into the senate, to push aside Hillary Clinton, etc. His political “career” is a nightmare of evil machinations.
        2. Communism wants to destroy human happiness. Look how all the modern liberal regulations hinder more and more the „pursuit of happiness.“ In general liberals are a bunch of miserable people.
        3. The Communist is characterized by conspiracy and hiding for its own sake. Believe it or not, we still do not have Obama’s original birth certificate, college records, etc. pp. No documentation, at all. His various SSNs is a story creepy beyond believe.
        4. The hiding and conniving is there before any political goals, i.e., it’s the character not simply politics. From the very beginning Obama’s life is one big lie. He is not even the son of “Obama”!
        5. It’s all about power. He, who claimed to be a “uniter” who would cooperate with anyone, becomes more and more the quintessential “imperial president.”
        6. His power relies upon and uses what is worst and lowest in the structure of the masses. He constantly plays the race card and relies almost exclusively on the “eat the rich” sentiment of the occutards. At the same time towards his rich donors he expresses his utter contempt for the red-neck masses clinging to their bibles and guns.
        7. The truth, not politics, will destroy him like a vampire is killed by the light of the sun.

      • It is always good to have something confirmed by Reich.

      • Weathermen Terrorist Ties to Obama Revealed

  2. In addition to the different stages of the degenerative process, there is the fact that the Soviet people never lived in a constitutional republic with the freedoms of Americans so the degeneration was relatively quick in the USSR.

    By contrast, the degeneration in America will most likely be a longer process if the truth of what is happening is not recognized by enough people . As a result, it seems unfathomable to most that some entitlement policies of the President could ever lead to a full blown socialist American state.

    I fear that, without some substantial public acceptance of a functional, orgonomic perspective about Obama’s pseudo-liberal identity and social policies, a great opportunity to educate people about the consequences of the pseudo-liberal movement will be lost in the short term (and maybe the long term depending on how things unfold).

    If you wanted a poster boy as a prototype for the pseudo-liberal, you couldn’t dream up a better example than Obama. His personal history, his lies and distortions so easily documented, the people closest to him, his work history and mentors, his policies and appointees.

    The general public has acquired some knowledge about the fascist on the political right over the last 75 years but for the most part remain completely ignorant of the insidious nature of the pseudo-liberal (i.e socialist/communist).

  3. In hurry I missed a tenet: The pestilent character Obama, who survives and thrives on hiding, uses the very same tendency of neurotic people to hide. In the final analysis this, of course, is based on sexual guilt. Therefore everybody feels deep empathy towards him when he hides really everything. His life is a lie and “their” life is a lie. Therefore he and the masses bond and poke fun at the “birthers” and “Donald Trumps.” Thus, in their contempt, they can feel “higher,” i.e., far away from their genitals. Here an example:

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