The Decline In The Level Of People’s Core Contact

The antiauthoritarian transformation of American society has resulted in profoundly destructive social changes because it released the fury of the secondary layer contained in armored people.  An attempt by the superficial layer or facade to contain the destructiveness gave rise to the hypertrophy of the intellect as a defense against it.  This was manifested in recent years by  people’s pursuit of superficial distractions of every kind including relying on drugs of every kind to take away their pain and suffering, relying on the morality of political correctness to deal with the superficial symptoms of the secondary layer and a shift in the political mainstream to the far left of center, the socio-political red shift.

This shift to the left was politically legitimized in 2008 with the election of Barack Obama as President of the United States.  Compared to the biophysical state of the American people in around 1960, there has been an alarming decline in their level of core contact. This is graphically manifested by the fact that today, in 2012, Obama has a good chance of being elected by the American people to a second term of office.  If he had been running for president in 1960, he would have been easily seen by everyone, including Democrats as well as Republicans, as an undisguised communist and run out of town.

From a biophysical point of view, people who politically support Obama are functioning entirely from their superficial layer and have no contact with their biological core.  They are  liberal characters duped by the political mainstream into believing that he is a loyal American.  How long can a society survive where people are out of touch to such a degree with their biological core?


  1. Obama is fake, nothing but façade, and the left desperately does anything to keep the façade which is about to crumble in the most disastrous way for the constitutional fabric of America:

  2. I don’t get it Dr. Konia. Reich saw a functional unity between work and love. It seems to me that the conservative offers half of that equation but you consistently slander the liberal as if the conservative position is so much more healthy. What about the fascism in the conservative? How often do we hear talk of a wall built between the US and Mexico and the most idiotic calls for the president’s birth certificate or claims that he is a Muslim. There is always a whining about how the liberal media is ruining the country, a paranoia that China will rise, and a remaining fear of women and desire to control them.

    There’s so much aesthetic poverty is in the conservative. You own your little house and your little TV and it’s separated by a fence from your neighbor so he knows what his and what’s not. Everything is about the bottom line and how much conservative psychopathy sees honest people cheated out of their retirement investments.

    Please tell me where love, the other side of the unity, finds expression in your political views. I’m not for PCism and agree with you that it’s from the third layer but there there is third layer behavior in the conservative too. And, honestly, can you really say that having Obama as president has really been so much different than Bush?

    • You are correct about the emotional pathology on the right. But remember, do not get engaged in a battle between the left and the right. That is being caught up the emotional plague. You must remain outside of partisan politics and see the deeper pathology which is that there has been a marked shift to the left in American politics since the 1960’s. This shift has largely been responsible for the decline in the quality in every area of social life. In order to prevent further degradation and destruction in American social life this shift must be reversed. This is the only rational function of the political right and it must be supported.

      • A reversion, a return [to the past] in any sense of degree is simply not possible… yet all priests and moralists have believed the opposite— they wanted to take mankind back, to screw it back, to a former measure of virtue… even politicians have aped the preachers of virtue at this point: today too there are still parties whose dream it is that all things might walk backwards like crabs. But no one is free to be a crab. Nothing avails: one must go forward— step by step further into decadence (that is my definition of modern “progress”). — Nietzsche, Twilight of the Idols

      • You are not getting it. Stopping destructive social behavior is not the same as going backwards. Before there can be any chance of moving forward, one has to first stop behaving destructively and this is what is happening as a result of the breakthrough of the destructive secondary layer of armored humans that started around 1960 with the antiauthoritarian transformation of Western society..

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