The Source Of Barack Obama’s Popularity

The source of a politician’s popularity comes from the people.  A question that is not asked is, how can an individual like Barack Obama who has performed so poorly as President of The United States in almost every area enjoy the enormous popularity that he has to the point that he actually has a good chance of being reelected to a second term in office?

In order to answer this question, it must first be known from which layer of their bio-psychic structure does people’s attraction to Obama originate, the superficial layer or facade, the destructive middle layer,or from the biological core.  Most Blacks (98%) voted for Obama in 2008.  Many of them did so because they identified with him as being Black. For them, only Obama’s blackness, not his political thinking, was the primary distinguishing feature that mattered.  This group was attracted to Obama from the superficial layer of their bio-psychic structure.

With the anti-authoritarian transformation of society, there was a breakthrough of the emotional plague  and a shift to the left of the political mainstream as leftist ideology became the dominant force driving socio-political activity in the West.  As a result, many diverse groups of all classes of people including White as well as Black leftist ideologues and particularly those in the media as well as others who somehow believed that the government should take care of them, became swept up in a political movement that ran on a vague platform of  “change” led by savior-candidate Obama.  A recent Washington Post/ABC poll shows by a 2-to-1 ratio that the president is more “friendly and likable” than Mitt Romney. These group’s attraction to Obama originate from the superficial and from the powerful destructive middle layers of their bio-psychic structure.

Thus, Obama and most if not all of his supporters have contact with each other through their superficial and middle layers.  In today’s anti-authoritarian society, the biological core of human beings has been all but obliterated from social life leaving only the superficial and destructive middle layers to determine social processes.  How long can a society last that has absolutely no undistorted contact with the biological core functions of work and love that sustain it?


  1. The superficial and middle layers unmasked:

  2. What a stimulating and energizing read this was for me, Dr. K. thanks. The political landscape is rampant with false, attractive promises and untruths, as usual!

  3. “How long can a society last that has absolutely no undistorted contact with the biological core functions of work and love that sustain it?” This is the most terrifying unanswered question about the fate of this world that has lost its deep biological contact! Thank you Dr. Konia again for the clarifying picture of the serious problems we face!.
    Also I have to thank Peter so much for the valuable comments he has posted here.

  4. Dr Konia,
    If we are to speak of which layers of bio-structure are drawing people to Obama, I don’t think one can leave out the biological core completely. Especially with the youth-who are by definition idealists-there is a healthy liberalism which seeks to better the world, and are thus drawn to Obama’s “hope”. Unfortunately (as you have pointed out), the people’s healthy yearnings are co-opted by the emotional plague in the form of the democrats, etc., and are steered in the wrong direction without them being aware of it. Again, contact and education are the solutions to this problem.

    • You are correct about the healthy liberalism of young people that originates from their core and is directed toward Obama. This yearning is cynically used by Obama through his destructive middle layer to gain more political power.

  5. In The Masspsychology of Fascism (1946, p. 29) Reich wrote:

    Only if a Führer structure is concordant with the structure of the average mass individual can a “Führer” make history.

    Hitler was the product of Austrian Catholicism which was sex negative to the extreme. “Sin” was identical with “sexual sin”. Hitler was the embodiment of the authoritarian sex-negating society. Obama seems to be one of the first products of the utterly failed “sexual revolution”. A deeply troubled freak without a clear sexual identity, and with no core contact, with whom so many young people can identify with. He, the embodiment of anti-authoritarian society, is one of them.


  6. The point that Ed Malek makes regarding the idealist youth that are drawn to Obama’s “hope” is a good example of what makes educating people (especially children and teenagers) a difficult one in any armored society but especially in our current anti-authoritarian one.

    It may well be a healthy core expression that some are expressing but understanding the consequence of what can happen from such an expression in the social and political realm is the all important factor for each individual.

    In this case the healthy expression of some young people serves the aspirations of a person (Obama) whose goals and policies will undermine some of the freedoms that allow for these healthy expressions.

    Food for thought, I hope.

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