Divide And Conquer: The Emotional Plague At Work

The emotional plague-ridden politician will promise anything that is necessary to gain political power over people.  Once in power he will renege on his promises and do whatever he must to carry out his destructive social agenda.  Prior to being elected President of the United States in 2008, for example, Barack Obama promised Americans that he would bring about unity of the different factions that were tearing America apart.  Since his election, Obama has consistently done exactly the opposite.  He has deliberately generated social divisiveness, turning Americans against one another and exacerbating political polarization in every area of social life.

On the top of his list of groups to be alienated in this way are the “Haves” from the “Have-Nots.”  Typical of the emotional plague’s way of operating, this way of dividing people is calculated to generate confusion in people’s minds (what groups are we talking about?) and also to provide a rationalization justifying the right of government to legally enter into the free market and shift wealth and power from one group, arbitrarily designated as ” the rich,” to another group, ” the poor” which includes, incidentally, those who are currently in political power. All of this is being covered over in the name of tax fairness, social justice and caring for ” the people.”

These rationalizations are designed to get the political support of an unsuspecting electorate many of whom because of their pre-existing armored perceptual structure honestly believe in the truth of these lofty ideals and mindlessly go along.  An ideological alliance is thereby established between the power hungry politician and the masses of well-intentioned people who have no idea what is happening.


  1. A second time the greatest and last hope of mankind in danger of destroying itself. The second Civil War in the making.

    “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” – Abraham Lincoln

    • Bringing America down is exactly what Barack Obama wants.

    • In the following speech (starting with 11:33) Newt Gingrich makes clear why America, and solely America, is our hope for a work democratic future worldwide, and why people like Obama are evil:

      • Gingrich has a sense of Obama’s evilness. Unfortunately, he does not seem to recognize the plague’s existence.

  2. The acknowledgement of the emotional plague is only possible by those who can sense it both inside and outside of themselves. This naturally implies contact with emotional life both inside and outside oneself. This leads to the awareness armor and the effect of armor on human functioning. And these are just the preconditions!

    The problem with all people who are guided (and ruled) by their ideology (in this case Gingrich’s conservative orientation) is that ideology distorts a person’s ability to recognize the distortion in their own thinking and actions (with regards to functional thought) and precludes seeing the counter-truth in other ideologies.

    Round and round we go, where we stop…..…………………

    • There are degrees of contactlessness and a speech like Gingrich’s is completely out of the question, absolutely unimaginable for an European politician.

      • That is why you referred to the U.S. in a previous comment as the great, last hope of humankind.

        If you haven’t had a chance, read Dr. Konia’s or Dr. Harman’s articles on the American War of Independence.

        The European democracies were always more vulnerable to the inevitable social and political decay ( as a result of the entrenchment of the pseudo-liberal movement in the 20th C) because the citizens of those countries were never able to establish the type of government and the resulting human freedom and sense of personal responsibility that occurred in the U.S. in the 18th Century.

        (I only watched the video from 11:33 on) So it stands to reason that the right to bear arms, for example, is a truly American phenomenon (for good reason -too long to explain in a comment like this).

        Gingrich’s idea that he would present to the United Nations a treaty that all citizens of the planet would have the right to bear arms (i.e that this is a human right) is the type of political grandstanding and freedom peddling that is typical of any political speech these days. Extending to the rest of the world through United Nations the “right” to bear arms in the hope that this would provide a rational solution in preventing rape, the creation of dictators, etc is the Republican version of some of Obama’s sick promises and ideas.

        What begins with a rational and clear statement regarding the establishment of the right to bear arms in the U.S. constitution quickly degenerates into a destructive and practically absurd idea which can be used by Obama and the pseudo-liberals (and true liberals) to attack the rational part of his statement about the origins of the right to bear arms.

        Be careful what you wish for

      • Today only the emotional plague is armed (criminals, parasites and destroyers of the work democratic process) while the very carriers of the work democratic process, the working people, are kept armless by “laws” which are not in agreement with natural law.

        Dr. Konia, could you comment on that?

      • Dear Peter, I can respond to your comments in a general way. Nothing can be done regarding the emotional plague until it is first recognized by the public that it is a medical disease that infects every person on the planet. This contact with the plague must take place by all the carriers of the plague before its various operations including the one that you brought up can be addressed. Contact with the plague as a medical disease will take the focus away from the distraction of the political approach.
        This brings us face to face with the reality that most people today are too armored to clearly be in touch with the plague’s existence and its enormous destructive consequence.
        We are faced with an enormous task in public education.

      • Guessing I become somewhat of a nuisance by now: I forgot to point out a, I believe, common misconception regarding “freedom peddling”. Is Gingrich a freedom peddler or, in general, is “America” a freedom peddling nation? For Lincoln the true reason for the Civil War was proving to the nations of the world once for all that a democratic republic “by the people and for the people” is able to survive, and that it is a model to follow, indeed. To keep the vision of a free society alive on a planet darkened by tyranny justified almost any sacrifice. Is this freedom peddling?

        No, this is the very opposite of freedom peddling. Freedom peddling means to free people from their responsibilities as if they were dumb children. Daddy, the police, will do the impossible: they will protect you, you do not have to bear the burden of protecting yourself, you are, thus, “free”! In contrast Gingrich wants to make people responsible for their own lives. Promoting the freedom of bearing arms is not freedom peddling, it is, seen functionally not mechanically/formalistically (“promoting the freedom to bear arms  freedom peddling”), the very opposite!

        Obama is anti-American (socialism), Romney is a Little Man misconception of America (“business”), while the historian Gingrich hit the nail on its head (America as a “work democratic” vision encompassing both freedom and responsibility).

      • Thank you for this clarification. The important distinction that you are making is to clarify from where in his structure does Gingrich’s idea come from. Does it come from his biological core or does it come from his destructive middle layer? Until we know this, we remain lost in the quagmire of politics.

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