There Is No Longer Any Difference Between Socialists And Communists

In the past authoritarian era, prior to around 1960, society was governed by the rule of law.   It was possible to distinguish between communists and socialists.  Whereas socialists were candid about their intentions and openly favored government takeover, communists denied their true intentions and thus operated clandestinely  (subversively) to bring about their desired goal of a socialist society.  Thus, it was relatively easy in those days to recognize the social danger of both types of individuals and to take appropriate defensive action against them.

In today’s anti-authoritarian society, there is a partial breakdown in the rule of law and social destructiveness from the secondary layer is increasingly breaking into the social surface.  As an example, it is no longer possible for most people to recognize the destructiveness of communists because they have succeeded in entering the political mainstream, the social surface, by presenting themselves to the world as true liberals.  They have become identified as ” progressives” and are now able to pass socialistic legislation to bring about their desired goals strictly within the rule of law. Therefore, practically speaking, there is no longer any need to make a distinction between the socialist’s and the  communist’s destructive mode of operation. It is one and the same.


  1. So many things come to mind on the subject of America’s transformation from an authoritarian to anti-authoritarian society and the pseudo-liberal/socialist/communist quagmire that we are experiencing.

    1) Now you can get away with almost anything

    Imagine having a president that can call all rich people (i.e. those making more than $200,000) fat cats constantly and get away with these kind of hate-filled words.

    I occasionally ask a friend who does not understand the implications of what Obama is saying this specific question,
    “Would it bother you if, instead of pointing out that a certain group of people (i.e. rich people) were fat cats and not paying their fair share, he said that all Jews or Ivy League graduates were fat cats and not paying their fair share of taxes?” I ask them what the difference is. Not usually too much conversation after this question

    2) How quickly things can change

    circa 1960
    America = the land of opportunity

    circa 2012
    People work hard, have a good idea and the courage to see it through and risk failure but manage to succeed, start earning more than $200,000 from their hard work = Rich fat cats not paying their fair share = Anti-authoritarianism

    And eventually everything changes to accommodate what we have already “accepted” (i.e. even what you call the communist has to change to make him more “acceptable” to everyone, even to some of his enemies).

    Doesn’t “progressive” sound so much better? Who doesn’t want to be progressive? Isn’t it better when we progress? We have so many things wrong with us; we can’t possibly stay the way we are so I guess progress lead by the progressives must be good.

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