The Emotional Plague Uses The Truth As A Trojan Horse

There is always a grain of truth to the emotional plague individual’s point of view and in order to understand and fight the plague it is important to see what it is.  This truth serves to demonstrate to everyone that the plague individual’s intentions are pure and above reproach and that what they are saying and agitating for is for the good of all.  A recent example of this tactic of the plague is President Obama’s telling the American people that ObamaCare will be good for everyone.  The use of the truth in the service of the plague is the reason that Thomas Sowell refers to leftist ideologues as “the anointed ones”.  The germ of truth expressed from their facade functions like a Trojan Horse to push through their destructive socio-political agenda from their middle layer.

The basic premise of leftist radicals is that America is by its very nature a corrupt nation because the “Haves” have taken from the “Have Nots” and therefore, in order to do away with this injustice a class warfare must take place between them.  This war must become actualized with violent acts when necessary in order to remove the inequality even if America is  destroyed in the process.

It is true that there is corruption in America and that some people have more wealth than others and that there is economic inequality.  These facts although true are twisted and used to justify bringing about America’s destruction by reducing everyone to the same level.  However, what is accurate in all of this is not what the leftists accuse America of, but that they are accusing America of their own evil impulses contained in their destructive middle layer.  These impulses are projected onto well-to-do people in America to bring about its destruction.

Why do they want to destroy America? Because the impulses of hatred and of revenge that originate from within them which were first directed against their own fathers are now by extension directed against all authority figures and authoritative institutions and, also against “the rich” so that no one is “better off”  than they are.


  1. Dr. Konia,
    I enjoyed your perceptive treatise as usual! Question: How do you see the activity and/or lack of activity in the ocular segment playing out in the variety of character structures as they engage in emotional plague-based expressions?
    Thank you,
    Michael Brennan
    San Diego, CA

    • The ocular block is a component function of the individual. The emotional plague activity is a whole function. All that can be seen in the ocular segment of an emotional plague individual are general manifestations of an ocular block. Nothing more specific can be seen.

  2. It is relatively “easy” to understand your explanation to the current socio-political expression of the pseudo-liberal movement when you point out the connection between the true personal motivation of the pseudo-liberal and their personal emotional problems or inner conflicts that are the driving force behind their socio-political actions.

    It is a formula that holds true for everyone but is so difficult for most to let in, believe or understand.

    In addition to you pointing the reader “inward” in order to understand personal motivation and expression, the example of the “Trojan Horse” provides such a perfect historical image.

    This has been a slow moving horse that has covered a lot of ground over the last 90 or years.

    As always, thank you

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