There Has To Be Something More To Life

Orgonomy attracts two kinds of people, those who are attracted to it and stick with it and those who are first attracted to it and then are repelled by it. Those who come to orgonomy and stick with it share one important trait. They have a deep sense that there must be something more to life than what is generally available. They see this something in the science of orgonomy, a science that allows one to have knowledge of the life energy, a science that provides a unified and satisfactory understanding of both the inner and the outer worlds. By contrast, those who come to orgonomy and leave also have one thing in common. They feel that there is something else that the science of orgonomy has not provided them with. For them, orgonomy is just one of many disciplines that are available to the public. They stay in touch with orgonomy for varying periods but sooner or later they are off to engage in other pursuits often taking little parts of orgonomy with them.
The difference between the two groups is that the first has retained a largely undistorted sense of the importance of their work and sexual functions in their daily lives. They are able to achieve pleasure in work and in their personal lives that their experience with orgonomy has given to them and they have a sense of gratitude to the orgonomists who have given them this appreciation. The second group has a distorted often mystical sense of their core functions of life and therefore they are unable to practically utilize what orgonomy has given them. Having no genuine appreciation for what they have been given, they often lose themselves in mystical teachings and practices of one sort or another.


  1. The words that struck me the most in what you wrote above are “ a science that provides a unified and satisfactory understanding of both the inner and the outer worlds”

    As I am better able to view the history of the science of orgonomy in the context of what has happened over the last 100 or so years in the world, in general, and more specifically in the democracies of the western world, it is striking how absolutely unique (in the truest sense of the word) Reich was as a person and a scientist.

    As with the science of orgonomy, most people are repelled by true uniqueness (in spite of what they may think or say). The history of humankind confirms this. At one point, to be different (or unique), meant excommunication or was a death sentence.

    I think that the story of Reich’s life through the founding of the ACO by Baker and the work that continues today at the ACO can be best described by these two words.

    Unique and Serendipity

    A science that provides a unified and satisfactory understanding of both the inner and outer worlds can at best be “science fiction” for the “99.99%” in 2012.

    As a new year begins, I am hoping that more of the 0.01% can find their way to the work being done at the ACO and the dedicated people who do it.

    I thank you for the privilege I experience when I get notified of a new posting on your website.

    Hoping you have a healthy and fulfilling 2012

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