Understanding The Works Of Wilhelm Reich Requires An Understanding Of The Emotional Plague

Orgonomy is the science of life energy and the emotional plague’s sole function is to destroy all manifestations of  natural life.  This is why only those who have an understanding of the operation of the emotional plague in today’s world can truly appreciate the importance of Wilhelm Reich’s scientific contributions and work in the orgonomic sciences.  This rule applies not only to people in  the general population who have a smattering of knowledge about Reich’s work but also to those who ostensibly are confirmed advocates of his work.

At one of  Dr. Baker’s technical seminars for medical orgonomists in the mid-60s, a seminar member spoke of a contact that he had at a local radio station and that it was an opportunity for us to speak about Reich’s work on the air.  The subjects that should be included in the talk were brought up .  Many topics were raised as possibilities and there was a lot of excitement in the room.  At some point, I suggested the emotional plague as a subject for discussion.   Suddenly, all the excitement was gone. There was dead silence.  It was as if I had said something terrible and the entire matter was dropped.  Since then, many physicians practicing medical orgonomy have come and gone.  Except for myself, every living person who was present at that seminar no longer functions as a medical orgonomist.

It was around that time that Dr. Baker began talking to me about the need for a book to be written about the history of the emotional plague.


  1. Thank you Dr. Konia. Deborah Cohen

  2. I think that Reich wrote eloquently about the phenomenon that you witnessed and described at one of Dr. Baker’s technical seminars in the mid 60’s in the appendix of his book on the subject of the emotional plague (The Murder of Crist).The appendix is entitled ‘The Weapon of Truth”. It is Reich at his best (which is saying a lot).

    I wish that he would been able to use the ideas and words on those 56 pages in his personal life after the book was written in 1951. I believe that had he used them as a guide in dealing with some of the problems that arose for him at that time, he may have avoided some of the unfortunate difficulties that dominated the last years of life. He truly deserved a better fate but it wasn’t to be.

    I think that those words can also serve as a treasure chest of wisdom and knowledge to anyone who is concerned about or has an rational interest in the emotional plague.

    It is quite a compliment to you and good fortune for that you were

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