The Worldwide Disillusionment With Politicians and Politics

People throughout the world are becoming fed up with politicians on both sides of the political spectrum.  The Left accuses the  Right of being for rich, greedy capitalists and the Right accuses the Left of promoting  socialist causes.  Both blame each other for being corrupt.  Out of frustration, many become disillusioned altogether and blame the democratic process itself as being unworkable.  In America, the Tea Party movement originated in response to this disillusionment with politics.  An article in the New York Times (September 28, 2011), As scorn for vote grows, Protests Surge Around Globe, describes a similar disillusionment with politics throughout the world.

Blaming this or that group is an effective way of avoiding looking at the source of what is really happening.   By coming up with one disastrous social policy after another, the Left refuses to understand that politics can never provide solutions to humanities social problems.  The Right has a sense that government intervention cannot improve social conditions but neither group understands that the source of societies difficulties resides in people themselves, in the destructive social behavior of all armored humans, politicians and non-politicians alike.  Wilhelm Reich identified this behavior and called it the emotional plague of mankind (see glossary).  The accusations of the Left and Right that are directed against each other are, in fact, symptomatic of the destructive social manifestation of emotionally crippled humans such as the desire for power over others, social dependency on others and so on.  The primary function of the accusations is defensive.  It is to conceal the plague’s existence.  This tragic situation is the reason that social conditions will continue to worsen despite humanity’s best efforts and wishes.


  1. It is time we worked together as a nation of people to break free from our dependence on Washington. We can do this effectively though leveraging social media. We can build stronger solutions to the problems our politicians are ignoring-due to political bickering and close-mindedness.

    We need to motivate the people of this country to speak louder! Enhance your political footprint and share your opinions so loud that they can not be ignored.

    • Your approach is rational but because people are armored, they cannot act rationally together to deal with their social problems. Therefore, an understanding of the emotional plague of mankind and a knowledge of socio-political character is absolutely necessary. These subjects are discussed in my books, The Emotional Plague, The Root of Human Evil and my soon to be published, Neither Left nor Right.

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