The Spread Of The Emotional Plague In Today’s World

The emotional plague was discovered by Wilhelm Reich around 1940 when the authoritarian social order was intact.  At that time, there were still pockets of social life that were not infested by it.  In today’s anti-authoritarian social order, there is not one area of society that the plague has not penetrated.  As a result, every one of the core functions of life to a large extent has been obliterated.  In its place, virtually every kind of behavior from the secondary destructive layer- the emotional plague- is  permitted expression, often with the protection of the law.  Consider, for example, the flagrant abuse of First Amendment rights.

What is the source of the exacerbation of the emotional plague in today’s anti-authoritarian social order?  The answer lies in an understanding of socio-political characterology.  True liberal characters live almost exclusively from the surface layer or facade of their bio-psychic structure.  Through their intellect, they use their facade to defend themselves from their destructive middle layer.  They are, therefore, socially benign people.  In contrast, pseudo-liberal characters pretend to believe in the ideals of liberalism by, for example, belonging to the Democratic Party in America.  This conscious tactic serves to identify them as legitimate liberals in the public’s eyes and allows them to express impulses from their destructive middle layer, the emotional plague, in their social policies.

Pseudo-liberal characters are the primary carriers of the emotional plague in today’s anti-authoritarian society.  No different from old time communists, they are highly intelligent and well adapted to the ways of the modern world in carrying out their destructive social agenda.  They are  the ones most responsible for the widespread social decline that is currently taking place exactly because they have successfully infiltrated the politicat mainstream of  Western Societies and have become part of their institutions and governments.   Like any infectious disease, people must first recognize its existence and destructiveness before remedial action can be taken to oppose them.

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  1. Here is a brief list of some of the fundamental changes in American society since the pseudo liberal movement became entrenched beginning in the 1960’s:

    1) The role of the media changing from the “eyes and ears” of the citizens and a rational check on irrational authoritarian behavior to focusing on the lowest common denominator in society (human expression of destructive secondary neurotic emotions)

    (For some context, think of Walter Cronkite as compared to the current “news anchors” both for presentation and content)

    2) The minimisation of the role of the healthy mother in the first 4-5 years of the child’s life. Nowadays, most “middle class” moms can’t wait to return to their jobs or careers weeks or months after giving birth. Very little consideration is given to the effect on the child’s health or on that of society when child’s the mother is not present during the early crucial years of the child’s life.

    (Unthinkable 50 years ago, in Canada today, we have government sponsored and funded public daycares where middle class moms drop off their 11 month old children and rush off to work so that they can return at 5:00 p.m. to pick them up just in time feed them and put them to sleep)

    3) Most Americans were acutely aware of the good fortune they had to be a citizen of the U.S. and most of the rest of the world hoped or dreamed of having the opportunities of any American. Today, the “Arab spring” has arrived on our streets. It has been instigated and promoted by Obama and many in his administration along with those at the head of the pseudo-liberal movement and eaten up and supported by the pseudo-liberal indoctrinated and unknowing masses in both Canada and the U.S.

    (If the image and concept of the U.S. “needing” an “Arab Spring” to somehow help “in making things better here “(culminating in the Occupy Wall Street affair) doesn’t seem irrational and bizarre, then it at least can give the concerned person a tiny glimpse of the effects that the pseudo-liberal movement has had in America over the last 50 plus years)

    In spite of the dire situation, the hope lies in the fact that within most people,there remains some stirring and “lurking” just below the surface of healthy, core functions of life waiting to be expressed in a life positive way. The pseudo-liberal movement and all of those who knowingly and unknowingly support it, will continue to promote secondary neurotic and destructive expressions at the expense of rational and healthy life.

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